50 Years of CNC Control Innovation

50 Years of CNC Control Innovation
by Tad Yamamoto

Okuma was established in 1898, and in 1963 we developed our own numerical controller, exactly 50 years ago. We named it OSP, which stands for Okuma Sampling Path, to emphasize the innovation of creating a digital representation of the machine tool cutting path. Through the years the OSP has continued to evolve, but always with one simple goal in mind: to allow our customers to have better control of their machine tools. By allowing our customers to create their own innovations, this opens the doors to delivering added value in products, creating manufacturing efficiencies that increase productivity, and establishing a competitive edge in the marketplace. On the golden anniversary of our CNC control, I’ll share some of the reasons why we created the OSP, and how this provides golden opportunities for our customers. 

Mechatronics: The Foundation for Innovation

In 1961 we made the decision to build our own control based on our strong belief in the mechatronics approach and a vision for its lasting value. Mechatronics involves blending the development of mechanical and computer systems to assure harmonious communication between the machine and its control. This allows us to not only ensure optimum performance, but also to continuously produce innovations such as our Intelligent Technologies. As just one example of the value of control innovations, we were the first tool builder to introduce Collision Avoidance to the marketplace, an innovation that enhances productivity. Mechatronics forms the basis for everything we do at Okuma, because ultimately it gives our customers a single source.

Enabling Customers to Innovate

Having mechanical and electrical together under one roof at Okuma offers customers unique innovation opportunities. Because we make our own control, we can provide ways for customers to customize processes (for example, with app development), which our open architecture platform makes possible.

50 Years of Vision and Innovation

So yes, we do make our own CNC controls! We’ve been doing it for 50 years now. I believe it is vision and imagination that makes Okuma stand apart from the others. We have the vision to see that developing our own OSP control is the right way to go. And the imagination to continually pursue the innovation opportunities it provides for our customers.

Tad Yamamoto is Chief Executive Officer, Okuma America Corporation.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein


[For a more detailed review of the OSP’s 50-year timeline, please visit our Control Development page.]

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Great achievement...congratulations for this. You are going very well and keep up the good work. This innovation will help manufacturers achieve gains in quality and productivity.

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