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Infinity Rebuild
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10721 John Price Road
Charlotte, NC 28278
Phone: 704.588.4995

Infinity Rebuild was formed in 2001. Formerly the Okuma Rebuild Division, Infinity Rebuild has carried on the tradition of supporting Okuma customers by providing the highest quality machine tool rebuilds available. Together with Okuma, Infinity has established itself as the benchmark for quality machine tools. Infinity uses only Okuma proprietary components on each Okuma we rebuild. This ensures quality and longer life for your machines after they have been rebuilt by

Infinity Rebuild. Infinity Rebuild, Inc. became a member of Partners in THINC to help Okuma customers utilize their existing machine tools with the latest-generation THINC®-OSP control. Infinity Rebuild is now offering complete Machine Tool Retrofits with the THINC-OSP control. We have retrofitted a variety of Okuma machines, including LC40, LH55 model lathes, MA60 Machining Center and MCR-A Double Column. With the ability to rebuild the machine and offer a new THINC-OSP control retrofit integration, the customer can continue to use their existing equipment while updating it with today's technology.