Reliable Uptime Means
On-Time Delivery for Quality Machine Shop

At Quality Machine Shop, business is booming. Their CNC machining facility in Sealy Texas, just west of Houston, is well located for their specialty in oil field parts. Inside are 26 Okuma CNC machines, with two more on the way. Quality Machine purchased its first Okuma in 1981 and today is an all-Okuma shop.

“When customers visit our shop, they’re amazed to see that all our machines are from the same CNC machine tool builder. But for us, having Okumas is essential to maintaining our competitive edge – on-time delivery.

“Okumas are just more durable, and better than the rest. We hear about shops that have CNC machines from other builders, and they’re constantly having them realigned, and having problems with them. Having fewer breakdowns makes a big difference. Reliable uptime − that’s how we maintain our track record for on-time delivery.”

“Hartwig Inc. facilitates Okuma’s service and parts and does an excellent job. If something happens with our CNC machines - and that’s inevitable when you run them as much as we do - it’s great to know we can get parts quickly, so we can get up and running again.”

“As a growing company, training is a key factor in ramping up production. Okuma’s Advanced One-Touch IGF is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn. We simply must have that, to keep up with incoming orders.”

“Our distributor, Hartwig, is always there for us. Brian Murphy is excellent – he’s always there when we take delivery of a new CNC machine, he facilitates our service, and he helps us keep costs down by providing ideas about alternatives when we need something. We don’t have to ask, he just comes in and checks on us, to make sure everything is running smoothly.”

“Okumas have helped us advance and grow as a company. They’re a key factor in delivering reliable on-time service to our customers.”

Dorothy Sklar
General Manager, Quality Machine Shop