Spindle Repair:
To OEM or Not to OEM?

Spindle Repair:To OEM or Not to OEM?
by Mike Vassil

When it comes to spindle repairs, getting the job done right, and getting it done fast are of the utmost urgency. In today’s competitive marketplace, uptime is everything, so determining the best path to getting your CNC machine back to cutting parts is essential. The choice between going directly to your OEM or using a third party repair shop involves several key considerations.

Before you call for spindle repairs: Key considerations

When a machine goes down, it’s only natural to go directly into crisis mode. At this point it pays to take a deep breath and consider your options. Here are the questions you must ask yourself before picking up the phone:

  • Delivery time: Is it acceptable for your CNC machine to be down for as much as three weeks, waiting for a non-OEM repair? Or is next-day delivery mandatory?
  • OEM specs for your CNC machine: Okuma Japan and our bearing manufacturers design and develop spindle bearings that are exclusive to Okuma. Bearings in the aftermarket can be found that are close to the OEM spec, but does “close” really mean right? Are you willing to run your CNC machine with non-OEM spare parts?
  • Staff Experience: Consider the level of experience the spindle repair team has with your machine. Do you get ready access to trained experts who’ve “seen this before”, and can quickly diagnose your problem and the solution?
  • Warranty: Beyond the initial repair, what kind of ongoing support do you receive?

Ready when you are

Okuma America has over 400 spindle, attachment heads and cam boxes available for certified parts exchange on our shelf in Charlotte to ensure that waiting three weeks is a rarity. In cases where we don’t have the unit ready to ship, we offer a repair and return option. Our fully trained staff averages 19 years of experience and are ready to work for you today. In addition to Okuma America’s extensive on-hand inventory we also have access to Okuma Japan’s as well as Okuma Germany’s inventory, more than doubling our support ability.

Customer-friendly features of Okuma’s mechanical exchange program:

  • Average lead time is less than one day – reducing downtime
  • OEM repair components ensure proper specifications
  • $1.4 million of repair components on site in Charlotte
  • Over 400 units readily available
  • Experienced staff – average experience of 19 years at Okuma
  • The largest distribution network in the Americas – 500+ Service/Parts/Repair professionals
  • Exchange cost typically 50% of a new purchase
  • Return freight prepaid by Okuma
  • 12-month warranty
  • Support for all Okuma spindles regardless of machine age

What’s your most critical factor in determining who should service your CNC repairs? Comment below and let us know.

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Mike Vassil is Senior Manager, Customer Service, Okuma America Corporation

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