The Okuma Wheel Cell line presents an interesting diversion from standard operating procedure. With an eye on creating best of breed solutions for the automotive industry, we have partnered with industry leading companies to create our wheel cell solutions. We still design and develop each wheel lathe to our own exacting standards, holding fast to our principle of Mechatronics. We simply decided not to reinvent the wheel…just the wheel cell.

And with 90% up time guaranteed and 10-day installations, we believe you will find this solution to be right on track. In fact, this approach has resulted in a wheel cell line used by over 90% of the market.

Okuma is a one-stop-shop for wheel manufacturing. Our service experts average 15 years of experience with our products and are proficient at engineering solutions that meet your needs. Whether it is 16” or 24”, tell us how many wheels you need, identify the quality, and Okuma will bring it all together.