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Helping manufacturers deliver the best parts for the job site and the field

The construction and agriculture industries are ever-evolving. While tractors and construction equipment are far more sophisticated in the 21st century, one thing hasn’t changed at all: mechanical component failure can have major implications for a project or a crop. Since construction and agriculture parts are large and complex, both industries demand machine tools that possess the capacity to deliver these heavy parts, as well as parts with large diameter-to-length ratios like axles and drive shafts.

Thermally stable and rigid, Okuma horizontal machining centers and lathes are rugged enough to handle the longest, heaviest parts with ease and accuracy. Using the power of Okuma-designed drives and the OSP-P control, customers can take advantage of software such as the Harmonic Spindle Speed Control to combat harmonics before they begin, which eliminates tool chatter for a smoother, more accurate surface finish. From constructions sites to farms to mines, our products are designed to ensure that you deliver the highest quality parts possible—and that your operation never skips a beat.

In addition, the following features and capabilities help our construction and agriculture customers achieve their manufacturing goals:

CNC Controls: Our OSP-P300 control is built using the Windows®-based, open-architecture platform. You can send production orders to your MRP systems right from the machine tool, track production with scanned barcodes, and generate reports to share with the management team.

Hand Scraping: Since every Okuma machine is hand scraped on each mating surface, you can produce more parts over a longer timeframe. The result is increased accuracy, decreased costs, and maximized profitability for your operation.

Intelligent Technologies: From our Thermo-Friendly Concept to Turn-Cut, and from our cycle time reduction function to part accountability and traceability, our innovations are designed to maximize efficiency, and streamline your construction/agriculture operation.

Customer Care: With our vast distribution network, you have 24/7/365 access to support, which includes $200 million parts inventory worldwide, $40 million parts inventory at Okuma in North Carolina, and $20 million distributor parts inventory in North America.

Partners in THINC: With our best-in-class technology partners we efficiently fulfill high-volume requirements such as in-process and post-process gaging, as well as offer seamless integration with peripheral equipment like gaging and robotics.

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