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Dynamic Machines Designed to Work for Versatile Manufacturers

With a variety of manufacturing projects, contract manufacturers need machines that are flexible and efficient enough to handle anything. Having the best equipment for your business will ensure you deliver the best products possible for whatever industry or industries you specialize in.

Quality over quantity is key when looking for a machine. The ideal machine should serve you for decades and be adaptable to any changes or new processes you may develop in the future. Having a quality machine will allow you to continue making quality parts, even as your business grows and changes.

Okuma’s machine tools allow you to manage multiple processes within a single machine. With Okuma, you don’t have to worry about anything – our distributors can offer quality service and training of your employees to set you up for success from day one and ensure your operations never skip a beat. With one of the longest and strongest relationships in manufacturing history, our Okuma distributor network has the engineering, service and process support and expertise to handle your toughest projects.

Learn more about how your job shop could benefit from a multitasking machine.

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Multitasking machines are a great fit for shops producing parts requiring multiple operations, as well as small lot sizes where traditional processes require frequent changeovers. A multitasking machine can offer flexibility and quicker changeover possibilities by utilizing a larger ATC for a larger library of tools and the combination of the milling and turning processes in one machine. Okuma’s multitasking machines, such as the MULTUS U and MULTUS B series, can perform milling, turning, grinding, and laser additive or heat treat processes all in one platform.

A multitasking machine can work for your operations if you have concerns about limited space and resources. Getting multiple functions out of the same machine helps ensure you’re making the most of your available resources.

See how our MULTUS B250II can offer lathe, vertical or horizontal machining center and material-handling operations, all in one machine.

MULTUS B250II Demonstration


Contract manufacturers produce a wide range of parts for various industries. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you invest in a machine that can seamlessly and efficiently manage your workload and transition from one project to the next.

Being able to produce parts for various industries, from medical to aerospace, can save on tooling and fixturing costs, setup time and work-in-process, even if the up-front cost is higher than traditional machines.


Multitasking machines can minimize the number of processes required to manufacture parts. This can help to reduce operator intervention and parts handling, which in turn increases uptime and accuracy.

Custom fixturing is eliminated when a part is completed on a single machine. Additionally, this eases the strain on your project managers, who will not need to spend as much time or effort moving heavy parts.

MULTUS U5000 Multitasking Machine

“Everything changes. What you manufacture today will change five years down the road, because technology improves. So it just makes sense to prepare for the future.”

– Clay Leath, President, L & R Precision Tooling

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Will Okuma provide training for my new machine?
Okuma has one of the most powerful distributor networks in the metalcutting industry, with factory-trained technicians capable of assisting with all your current needs, as well as training the future generation of operators.
How can I speed up production without sacrificing quality?
Engineering your machine to best schedule, organize and manage the jobs that you handle every day will set you up to have the most efficient production possible. Okuma’s engineers are available to help you best manage your machine’s configuration.
What are my options for creating multiple parts with one machine?
Okuma machines are designed for flexibility, perfect for whatever project you may be working on. Whether you want to produce one part at different sizes or multiple components on the same machine, you can control how your Okuma machine will work best for you.
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