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Custom Lathe Solutions for Any Production Need

Our broad range of 2-axis and 4-axis vertical, horizontal, and multitasking lathes offers a variety of bore sizes, bed lengths, and optional features.

With proven performance and a wide selection, the perfect lathe is waiting for you.

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What Makes Our Lathes Different?

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Okuma’s unique thermo-friendly design helps maintain tight tolerances.

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With stability, power, and accuracy, our lathes are deliberately designed to produce quality parts each and every time.

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Okuma’s industry-leading OSP control suite can be adapted based on preference and skill level to create optimal efficiency.

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Take advantage of our strong distribution network for installation, service, and training support at any time.

View Our Most Popular Lathes

You’ve come to expect engineering excellence and precision machining from Okuma machine tools, and our lathes will continue to impress. With more than 55 to choose from, we’re sure to have your perfect lathe.

GENOS L2000-e

A shining star in our “Affordable Excellence” product line, the GENOS L2000-e features an integral spindle for powerful, high-precision CNC machining. This one-saddle lathe is stronger, smaller, and ideal for cutting a wide range of exotic materials with ease.

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Okuma Multitasking Machines MULTUSU3000


Our MULTUS U3000 is a multitasking machine with an automatic tool changer and optional sub-spindle and lower turret. This 8-10" chuck class machine has a broad scope of machining functions and is the embodiment of power, speed, and process flexibility.

LB3000 EX II

The largest horizontal lathe in our “Affordable Excellence” collection of machines, the slanted box bed construction translates to unsurpassed quality and rigidity. Equipped with Okuma’s high-power, high-torque PREX motor, this machine delivers high-quality machining from heavy- to high-speed cutting.

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MULTUS B250 II 1000w


Our MULTUS B250II is the ultimate fusion of turn-mill operations with lathe, vertical, or horizontal machining center and material-handling operations consolidated into one 6-8" chuck class machine. Experience process-intensive machining and more effective use of floor space.


The vertical orientation of the V760EX is ideal for running thin-walled, oddly shaped workpieces without distortion. With a milling function that adds the flexibility to handle a wide range of parts, this vertical lathe also has a box-type base and column for stable, rigid, and accurate cutting.

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Does Your Machine Tool Pay For Itself?

Investing in a high-quality machine tool can enhance productivity and lower the total cost of ownership.