The Hidden Costs of Inferiority

Brandon Glenn

Emphasizing quality over quantity. Being innovative and flexible so you can adapt and be ready for what’s next. Maintaining a positive attitude when things seem tough. There is no shortage of tactics to consider when looking for ways to be more productive and better positioned for what’s next. Taking time to be prepared and investing in your business and your employees is one way to be forward-thinking. The good news is you don't have to overspend when looking for new long-term ways to monetize your business and get ahead.

When Everyone Turns Left, Turn Right

An uncertain environment may actually be an ideal time to implement a new or unique strategy that not only prepares you for growth but better positions you compared to your competition. It might seem like a contrarian tactic, but as the distinguished American investor Warren Buffett famously said, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” One such strategy is making a cost-conscious buying decision that produces larger-than-expected returns.

Cost Vs. Returns

Okuma is not always the lowest-cost machine on the market. However, there’s a reason a high percentage of our long-term customers begin with our Affordable Excellence category of machines only to find themselves graduating into our more high-tech machine tools. That reason is quality.

We constantly hear of other brand machines that lose their tolerances with time or only seem to add to the waste bin instead of getting parts out the door. Some of this is due to the mass (or lack thereof) of these competitive machine tools of other brands. Machine tool operators know that weight directly equates to performance, longevity, accuracy, and overall quality. So, although their price tag is lower, so is their mass, and so is your expected ROI.


GENOS: Building Trust for Over a Decade

Over the last 15+ years and starting under $100k, the lathes included in our GENOS line have proven themselves to be among the highest quality products available on the market, yet at a price that is quite attractive to job shops of all sizes. The GENOS line has grown to include 5-axis machining centers, proving that the promises of the Okuma brand stand strong even at an entry-level price.

How Much Does a 5-Axis Cost?

Get More Than an Affordable Machine

As mentioned, our Affordable Excellence machine tools have helped shops across the Americas take their next step into new, lucrative strategies. Our complete line of 14 Affordable Excellence machines is well-stocked and now closer than you think – closer in geographic proximity for a hands-on demo, closer to helping you elevate your shop with new capabilities and part offerings, and most importantly, closer to being the perfect price point. Plus, in many cases, you can buy today for immediate delivery. Think about what that can mean for this year’s orders, as well as planning for next year. The sky’s the limit. 

When you add a new Okuma to your shop floor, you’re getting more than just a machine from a single source provider who knows everything that goes into it; you’re also getting access to a whole package of extras:

  • Local distribution for service and support
  • Readily available parts and service
  • Industry-leading expert knowledge
  • Confidence from the industry’s best warranty
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Added Bonus: Continuity Among Controls

One of the best parts of Okuma’s Affordable Excellence line of machine tools is the continuity of the CNC control. This is beneficial to your shop for several reasons. One, a machinist who is trained on an Okuma lathe can confidently move to machining centers because of the seamless transitions between operations despite the different machines’ varying output and production. Second, this cross-training helps keep workers fresh, more attentive, and engaged in their work. Employees also have a better understanding and appreciation of the entire shop’s operations, which ultimately makes you more agile, efficient, and, most importantly, productive and profitable.

And finally, it helps set your shop up for long-term growth and success. The entry-level machine you buy today can easily be paired with a more sophisticated machine a few years down the road after you’ve realized your ROI or expanded your shop’s capabilities. And because your operators will already have confidence with Okuma’s homogenous control system, ramping up new capabilities and offerings with a new machine will feel familiar and comfortable. This provides a good balance between standardization and differentiation – standardization among machines breeds confidence, while diversity of tasks and stations helps keep your team members fresh and engaged.

Why This Makes a Difference

Are there cheaper machines out there? Without question. Is that what’s best for you and your shop in the long run, though? Probably not. Because Okuma machines are made with such high quality and are available at affordable prices that pay you back with an expanded scope of capabilities and overall part quality, it’s an investment more than it is an expense. Your customers will notice the quality and likely ask you to quote more challenging, high-value jobs. Expect repeat business and upgraded orders. Okuma machines also have a proven track record that is backed by an industry-leading warranty. That’s because we consider you a customer for life.

Thinking about growing your shop can be a challenge when most of your time and energy goes to managing the scope of business you have now. And that can be a struggle. But when you have the right partners who help you with the best equipment, the sky can be the limit. Because you don’t have to do this alone. There are teams of people with passion and knowledge who are ready and waiting to help you expand.

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