Corporate Responsibility

At Okuma, we strive to make a positive impact on the places in which we live, work, and play. That means making strides toward sustainable environmental initiatives as well as supporting local community programs.

Okuma's Decarbonization Solutions

Through innovation and our passion for continuous improvement, we at Okuma continue to evolve our products to minimize environmental impact, and we invest in manufacturing technologies that are environmentally friendly. We constantly seek to comply with environmental and quality-related laws and regulations and will continue to enhance our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, both today and in the future.

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Our Employees Dictate How We Give Back to Our Community
At Okuma, our commitment to community involvement aligns with our core corporate values. Through our Employees Positively Influencing Community (EPIC) program, we encourage employee involvement in a variety of social impact programs in an effort to build stronger communities. Our employees choose the local organizations they want to support with both monetary and service contributions.

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Okuma's History of Decarbonization and Energy-Saving Technologies

Following the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015, global efforts to mitigate climate change are underway. As the risk of environmental changes caused by climate change and large-scale natural disasters significantly increase the impact on corporate business activities, companies are required to strengthen their efforts toward achieving a carbon-free society by 2050. Okuma has been developing various energy-saving technologies since 1963, when it developed its own NC control. Since 1997, our machine tools have been equipped with a Power Regeneration System that effectively utilizes the energy generated during deceleration, which was previously discarded. After that, we continued to develop various energy-saving technologies like Thermo-Friendly Concept (2001), ECO suite (2014), Cycle Time Reduction (easy setting), and Sludgeless Tank (2018), in support of a balanced approach to stable high-accuracy machining and energy savings for machine shops. Okuma will continue to contribute to the decarbonization of our customers' factories with various energy-saving technologies and highly accurate machine tools. To learn more about how Okuma is supporting decarbonization and energy savings for factories, download our brochure.

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