Making a Commitment to Positive Impact

At Okuma, we're working together to build a better machine tool and a better future.

This goes beyond building machine tools with sustainable practices or machine operations that deliver eco-friendly benefits. Corporate responsibility also means harnessing a culture that empowers teammates through actions, ideas, and attitudes to create a positive impact on the communities in which we live, work, and play.

Engineered with the environment in mind

We purposefully design machine tools and technologies that help reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption, machining time, and discharged waste – while cutting your operating expenses. Here’s how we are committed to manufacturing equipment with sustainable operating benefits:

Reducing the energy used when operating machinery

  • ECO suite plus
  • Thermo-Friendly Concept
  • Power Regenerative Function
  • ECO Hydraulics

Proactively pausing unnecessary equipment

  • ECO Power Monitoring
  • ECO Idling Stop
  • ECO Operation
  • Automatic Power Shutdown

Reducing machining cycle time

  • Setting for Cycle Time Reduction
  • Thermo-Friendly Concept
  • 5-Axis Auto Tuning System
  • Collision Avoidance System
  • Machining Navi
  • SERVO Navi

50,000+ machine tools with Thermo- Friendly Concept

Since 2001, Okuma has manufactured and delivered more than 50,000 machine tools with the Thermo-Friendly Concept.

ECO Suite Plus

Making sustainability part of our manufacturing process

In combination with our Thermo-Friendly Concept, this cutting-edge, standard OSP software equips your machine with not only high productivity and accuracy, but also advanced eco-friendly features 
and reporting abilities. ECO suite plus: 

  • Maintains machining with minimum energy while maintaining high machining accuracy and stability
  • Provides CO2 emission analysis linked to improvement cycles
  • Achieves idling stops per machine-made autonomous decisions without human intervention
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Building a culture that reflects our character

While manufacturing machine tools is what we do, building a corporate culture and communities that improve the quality of life for others is why we do it. At Okuma, giving back to our teammates and communities is central to our values.

Okuma’s Apprenticeship Program

Our Apprenticeship Program provides a combination of formal classroom training and shop floor work over six months to expose young workers to various aspects of machining.

Okuma Machine Tool Academy

In partnership with Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, the Okuma Machine Tool Academy (OMTA) offers OEM courses for customers, distributors, and employees.

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Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day creates opportunities for students to see the latest in CNC machining and technologies used in the industry, in addition to potential career paths.

Employees Positively Influencing Committees (EPIC)

EPIC allows employees to support local organizations. Since it’s inception, Okuma has championed HopeMatch Angel Tree, food banks, blood drive and more.

80+ Completed Apprenticeships

“Our training is comprehensive and exposes our apprentices to aspects that some machinists do not experience in 5+ years in the field.” – Jim Kosmala, VP of Engineering & Technology

We believe who we are defines how we work

As a global organization, we value the strengths that are gained as 
we build a company made up of team members and their individual experiences. This creates a vibrant work environment where diversity of thought becomes an engine for new ideas that delivers value to our customers and partners.

At Okuma, we passionately pursue a customer for life. While doing so, we understand the importance in upholding transparency, integrity, and honesty when running our business. It is extremely important to us to operate ethically and responsibly to earn the trust of everyone we interact with, both internally and externally.

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