Putting our customers first, we provide manufacturing solutions that are fueled by passion, collaboration, and synergy.

Okuma’s Partners in Technology is a network of 45+ companies that creates integrated manufacturing solutions and explores the industry’s next big ideas. Built on a foundation of trust and proficiency, Partners in Technology is also a promise to keep innovating and make sure our customers are always supported at the highest level.

With our commitment to move manufacturing forward, and our partners’ specialized products and niche expertise, we have and will continue to provide streamlined solutions to our customers to solve their toughest manufacturing challenges.

The Ultimate Machining Playground

Tour our state-of-the-art Partners in Technology facility! We’ll show you how we’re bringing manufacturing expertise closer to our customers and creating the ultimate CNC machining playground.

Our Partners

While this collaboration started as a proving ground for our open-architecture, PC-based OSP-P control, Partners in Technology has evolved to transform modern manufacturing principles. Today, through our partners, we continuously provide streamlined solutions to our customers.

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Creating Customer Solutions, Together

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Achieve maximum cutting performance and production

Pair the right workholding devices and tooling accessories with your Okuma machines for efficient, accurate, powerful cutting.

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Reduce downtime and maximize profitability

Use our partners’ technologies to manage machine load and schedule routine repairs, parts replacement, and service.

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Make sure part #1,000 is as accurate as part #1

Plug-and-play hardware, measurement software, and in-process gauging technologies can provide consistent machining over time.

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Ensure an error-free machining process

Produce exact parts from the very first setup with CAD, system checks, and program verification systems from our partners who specialize in accuracy and precision.

Want to visit the ultimate CNC machining playground?

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