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AME 730x730

2500 Latham Street

Rockford, IL 61103 USA

P 815.962.6076

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Knowing your why is a secret weapon. Not only do you understand what motivates you and gets you up in the morning, you also understand your customers and what they need to succeed. At AME, we know there are missing pieces and unknowns in every project. We're here to help our customers in the machine tool industry balance the equation. Expect brilliant engineering and part-making, delivered honestly and on point.

We passionately pursue global excellence in workholding systems, tool clamping systems, machine designs and builds, automation systems, and custom engineering by keeping a laser focus on a quick response to the voice of our customer. We are partners to Okuma and to Okuma's partners, which allows us to extend the reach of custom solutions to meet the demands of a global landscape.

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