Whether you have a question about one of our specific CNC machine tools, our proprietary technologies, or our service standards, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions and supplied detailed answers. You can also visit our Knowledge Center for in-depth information on a variety of manufacturing topics. Can’t find your particular question here? Then get in touch and an Okuma representative will be in touch ASAP.

General Questions
Do you offer HSK spindle tapers?
Yes. We offer HSK spindle tapers, along with CAT and BIG-PLUS. For anything over 15,000 rpm, we use HSK.
Where do I find machine tool apps for my Okuma machine tool?
Okuma machine tool apps can be found on the Okuma App Store at www.myokuma.com.
What kind of apps (applications) can run on the OSP-P300 control?
Because the OSP control has an open-architecture and runs on a WINDOWS® platform, any application that can be written for WINDOWS can run on the P300 control with no additional hardware requirements. This means anyone can write and develop applications for improved efficiencies, control and information gathering. From barcode readers to custom-alarms and notifications, the possibilities are endless.
Does the OSP-P300 support MTConnect?
Yes, as do previous versions of the OSP-P control.
I am interested in a career at Okuma. How do I apply for a position?
To see a list of open positions at Okuma, please visit www.myokuma.com/careers. Instructions for applying for a position can be found here as well.
I am interested in purchasing an Okuma machine. How do I get started?
To purchase an Okuma machine tool, please contact your local Okuma distributor. They will be able to assist in the selection of a machine to match your manufacturing needs and then provide information on pricing and delivery.
I always calculate total cost of ownership. Aren’t Okumas too expensive?
No. Okuma users quickly find that the increased productivity, reduction of downtime, and overall process efficiencies combine to provide an outstanding – and in many cases quick – return on investment. We encourage cost of ownership evaluations, and in fact welcome you to contact us so we can help analyze this.
How do I get the price of an Okuma machine tool?
Okuma machine tools are sold and supported by your local Okuma distributor. For details about pricing, availability, and delivery, please contact them. For starting pricing on our Affordable Excellence Products, you can also visit this page.
How do I get service for my Okuma machine tool?
Service for your Okuma machine tool is available through your local Okuma distributor. If you don't know who your local Okuma distributor is, you can use our distributor lookup page to find their name and contact information.
I would like to get an Okuma t-shirt, hat or other Okuma logo item.
To purchase Okuma logo items, please visit our eStore at www.okuma.com/store. You will find hats, shirts, beverage tumblers, and many other cool items.
How do I get a replacement manual or manuals for my Okuma machine tool?
To obtain a copy of a manual for any Okuma machine, please contact your local Okuma distributor. Having your machine model and serial number handy will help expedite the process.
Maintaining tight tolerances is my top priority. Can a machine make a big difference here?
Yes. First of all, you won’t hear this from many other builders, because most don’t do it. But using a very heavy cast iron base – like Okuma does – will give you the stable and lasting platform that makes it much easier to hold tolerances, even with tough materials.
Should I add outside machine tool expertise to my Advanced Manufacturing team?
Yes. Okuma and our distributors, plus our members of Partners in Technology, have medical industry experts with experience working on Advanced Manufacturing initiatives. We’ll provide a depth of machining knowledge to your team that can facilitate your path to FDA certification.
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