OSP-P300 CNC Control

We’ve built a better user experience

At Okuma, we believe CNC controls should always be designed with the operator in mind. Enter our OSP-P300A, which was specifically designed to meet contemporary manufacturing needs, and enhance the operator experience. While the OSP-P300A provides a variety of user benefits, its greatest strength is crystal-clear: it provides comprehensive, centralized data in one easy-to-use interface.

We currently offer the following OSP-P300 CNC controls:

OSP-P300LA: Lathes
OSP-P300SA: Multitasking
OSP-P300MA: Machining Centers
OSP-P300GA: Grinders

No matter the machine, the OSP-P300A control provides additional efficiency with its new shared database. Data that is input in one area of the control is automatically shared in other areas. With these new functionalities, redundancy of CNC control operations is greatly reduced, and ultimately reduces setup times. And, by allowing operators to be operators instead of programmers, they spend more time doing what they do best: making parts.

Every OSP-P300A control has the following features:

  • Windows®-based, open-architecture platform
  • PC-compatible Ethernet and multiple USB ports
  • Intel i3 2.4GHz Dual Core Processor (4th generation)
  • Hard disk drive capacity of 120GB
  • Program storage capacity of 4GB
  • Operation buffer capacity of 2MB

The OSP-P300A also provides plenty of manufacturing advantages, such as:

  • Allowing you to complete most work from one screen, greatly reducing setup times
  • Creating an operational system based on your workflow—without spending time on programming
  • Sharing tool data between functions such as One Touch-IGF and Collision Avoidance System so you only need to input data once
  • Enabling easy connectivity for integration of factory floor and business communications channels
  • Offering easy setup to have the CNC control email your mobile phone when an alarm occurs
  • Increasing lifetime ROI by allowing for addition of new capabilities over time—which means you avoid a costly CNC control overhaul
  • Providing handy access to tooling lists/setup spreadsheets, process documents, and other useful set-up tools
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