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Next-generation energy-management system

Unlock functionalities with our newly available ECO suite plus energy-management system. In combination with our Thermo-Friendly Concept, this cutting-edge standard OSP software equips your machine tool with not only high productivity and accuracy but also advanced eco-friendly features and reporting abilities.

Our foundational energy-saving and eco-friendly functions aren’t going anywhere. Our well-known ECO suite has evolved to ECO suite plus and now incorporates:

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ECO Idling Stop

Monitors the cooling status of the milling and turning spindles, and automatically turns off the coolers for these spindles when spindle temperature is stable.

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ECO Power Monitor

With power consumption shown for spindles, feed axes, and peripheral equipment right on the machine tool’s display, you can see exactly how much energy is being saved.

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ECO Hydraulics (OPTIONAL)

Utilizing SERVO control technology, this feature actively monitors the demand of the hydraulics to activate the pump only when necessary to maintain pressures as called.

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ECO Operation (OPTIONAL)

Peripheral equipment will only run when needed and will automatically stop after cutting is finished.

35,000+ Machines with ECO suite

With the launch of the OSP Control in 1963, Okuma has been able to develop various technologies for a balanced approach to stable, high-accuracy machining and energy savings.

Reducing energy during machine operation

C02 Awareness

ECO Power Monitor displays CO2 emissions in real time for sustainable operations and easy management of CO2 emissions.

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Power Consumption Report

External output allows for CO2 emissions checks and analysis on a PC, achieving visual control that supports decarbonization activities.

CO2 emissions are reduced by 30%

ECO suite plus has been proven to reduce carbon dioxide emissions when using our own double column machining centers in our Japanese production facility.

True Energy Savings: Actively Turn Off Unnecessary Peripherals

ECO suite plus provides the ability to easily monitor and manage energy-guzzling operations including machine tool idling, unnecessary pump rotation, continuous running of peripheral equipment, and more.

When less energy is consumed, your operation’s profitability is increased.

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