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While every operator expects machining accuracy, speed, and efficiency from an Okuma machine, our ECO suite also delivers energy-saving applications right to your CNC control. With this next-gen system, machine operators have the power to monitor and manage energy-guzzling operations like machine tool idling, unnecessary pump rotation, continuous running of peripheral equipment, and more. This leads to consuming less energy, which in turn increases your operation’s overall profitability

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Here are specifics on how our ECO suite can help you eliminate wasteful processes:

ECO Idling Stop: The first application to stop machine tool idling, this energy-saving system uses Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly Concept to monitor the cooling status of the milling spindle and the turning spindle, and automatically turns off the coolers for these spindles when cooling is complete.

ECO Power Monitor: With power consumption shown for spindles, feed axes, and peripheral equipment right on the machine tool’s display, you can see exactly how much energy is being saved.

ECO Hydraulics: This optional feature provides accurate control at a very low rotation speed. Pump rotation is optimized to match operating status by combining the servo control technology on the machine tool with high-efficiency hydraulic pumps.

ECO Operation: When using this optional feature, peripheral equipment will only run when needed, and only for the duration required. This means that equipment such as chip conveyors and mist collectors are automatically stopped after cutting is finished.

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Designed with the machine user in mind, our OSP control is an intuitive interface that allows operators to maximize efficiency. Seeing is believing, so request a demo today.

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