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Time, as they say, is money. For manufacturing companies, this fact is a harsh reality. That’s why, over the years, we’ve worked relentlessly to improve our Okuma Sampling Path (OSP) control, the foundation upon which our OSP-P300A control is built. From the first iteration to the one being used today, every element of the control was designed to provide one thing for our customers: increased operator productivity, no matter what Okuma CNC machine tool you’re using. For over four decades, we’ve been committed to that goal. Because when you purchase an Okuma, you’re investing in a machine of the highest quality and craftsmanship. But with Okuma’s OSP suite, ECO suite, Maintenance suite, App Store, and MTConnect, you’re making a smart investment for the person who’ll be using that machine, too.


You’ve probably heard of our OSP suite. It’s an award-winning open system that merges our Intelligent Technologies with various software applications for a customized user experience.

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Want energy-saving applications delivered right to your CNC control? Our ECO suite offers that, along with the unrivaled machining accuracy, speed, and efficiency you expect from our machines.

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With our Maintenance suite, inspection location and recommended timing are shown in lists and diagrams, while pertinent manuals are easily accessible with the simple push of a button.

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The Okuma App Store grants you the freedom to develop apps to fulfill your unique manufacturing needs, or to leverage apps that have already been developed and tested.

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Connectivity (MTConnect)

Everyone knows data is king. And that’s exactly what MTConnect provides: detailed information over time—as well as plug-and-interconnectivity—so you can streamline your entire operation.

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Connect Plan connects machine tools and gives visual information of factory operations and machining, which allows for reduced downtime and provides analytics for improved utilization.

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