Product pgimage genosm460v5ax


STARTING AT: $331,888*

  • 50% More Tools - Now with 48 tools for production flexibility
  • Dual Coil Chip Augers - Enhanced Chip Evacuation
  • OSP Suite - Features you want with pre-loaded apps
  • Massive Trunnion- Superior accuracy and machining capabilities
  • Pre-Tension Ballscrews- Uncompromising precision
Affordable Excellence 1

An Affordable Excellence Machine

Making high-quality machining accessible to all, this machine is designed to be price-conscious.

Product Detail

Our new, next-generation, 5-axis vertical machining center is specifically designed to manufacture high-precision parts and deliver impressive metal removal rates in a compact design. Its solid double-column structure, full 5-axis simultaneous control, and thermal stability performance give it the ability to easily cut a variety of materials.

Using a hypoid gear drive, the GENOS M460V-5AX features trunnion construction that offers exceptional accuracy, rigidity, and table rotation speed. The spindle produces less vibration and power loss at the tool tip for outstanding surface finishes and metal removal rates. This affordable, 5-axis machine provides high productivity and profitability in a small footprint. 

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STARTING AT: $331,888*


*Pricing applies only to sales in North and South America, is for base product only, and does not include options or freight. For shipments into Canada, price does not include transformer, hydro approval, and PHSR. Subject to change without notice.

Highlighted Specs

Max Machining VolumeinX: 30.00, Y: 18.11, Z: 18.11
Table SizeinØ 15.75
Spindle Speedmin⁻¹15,000
Spindle Motor Powerhp30/25
Rapid TraverseipmX-Y: 1,575, Z: 1,260
Rapid Traverse (A-C)deg/minA: 14,400 C: 18,000
Magazine Capacity 48
Max Machining VolumemmX: 762, Y: 460, Z: 460
Table SizemmØ 400
Spindle Speedmin⁻¹15,000
Spindle Motor PowerkW22/18.5
Rapid Traversem/minX-Y: 40 Z: 32
Rapid Traverse (A-C)deg/minA: 14,400 C: 18,000
Magazine Capacity 48
Productivity 1 min

Perfect Automation Pairings

This machine tool is compatible with the following automation solutions for increased production, accuracy, and efficiency across your operations. 


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