Greater processing power

Using increased processing power, the OSP-P500 can simultaneously run multiple intelligent technologies, monitoring systems, and more to improve machining performance, accuracy, and cycle times.

Simple & Secure Operation

The sleek, user-friendly interface was designed to be familiar and straightforward to beginners and experts alike. Setup, safety verifications, programming, and inspections can be conducted directly on the OSP-P500.

Smart & Green Machining

Built-in technologies allow for maximum machining while reducing energy consumption. Shorter warmup, optimized cutting, utility cost savings, and on demand metrics provide a window into efficient operations.

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Two Sleek, User-Friendly OSP-P500 CNC Control Configurations

Determined by the machine tool model, the Okuma OSP-P500 is available in two sizes including a 15-inch and a 21.5-inch operation panel.

  • Space-saving, modern design
  • Ergonomic tilt and swivel abilities
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Full-color touchscreen
  • Windows®-based operating system
  • Pulse handle options available


Discover the Smart OSP-P500 Difference

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Ease-of-use for beginners with conversational programming guidance

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Identical operation setup on all Okuma machine tool models

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Horsepower to run high-performance, demanding applications simultaneously

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Single Source Provider of the Control and Machine

Okuma is the industry’s only single source provider–machine tools, drives, motors, encoders, spindles, and CNC controls are all manufactured and warrantied by Okuma.

Robust Security to Protect Operations and Data

While digitalization is responsible for streamlining operations—with measurable success—connectivity can come with security challenges. In an era when cyber threats are on the rise, it is more important than ever to secure your data and operations. Dive into Okuma’s three-fold approach to managing risk:

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Risk Management and Protection

Tamper-prevention, whitelisting, and anomaly detection functions alert operators to suspicious activity.

Real-Time Defense and Authentication

Required identification and authentication of operators prevent unauthorized access to the control and machine interface.

Data Backup and Recovery

Stay one step ahead of cyber attacks with regular control software and data backups that can be performed quickly.

Make It Yours With Customized Apps

With our open architecture OSP-P500 control, you can download or even create your own apps to meet your shop’s unique needs.


Next-Gen Energy Management and Cost Savings

Save money with our ECO suite plus technology that comes standard on the Okuma OSP-P500. Now it’s easier than ever to reduce energy during machine operations, monitor and reduce power consumption, and calculate CO2 emissions in real-time.

  • Maintain high machining accuracy and stability while reducing energy usage
  • Reduce power consumption and energy cost
  • Provides CO2 emission reporting linked to improvement cycles
  • Implement auto idle stops with machine-made autonomous decisions