OSP suite

Designed with a customized operator experience in mind

Our award-winning OSP suite is an open system that combines Okuma’s Intelligent Technologies with various software applications to provide a customized user experience. OSP suite’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for an operator to navigate the CNC machine, with a touch panel that’s been specifically built to withstand the demands of your shop floor. Configurable for multiple operators, each user can change the operation panel to suit his or her preference and skill level. With one-touch access to OSP suite widgets and shortcuts, common tasks are always at your fingertips. Documentation can be stored right on the control for easy operator access. In conjunction with other Intelligent Technologies like our Thermo-Friendly Concept, Collision Avoidance System, Machining Navi, and 5-Axis Auto Tuning System, OSP suite enables you to resolve shop floor problems and maximize productivity.

OSP suite enhances the operator experience by:

  • Improving overall operator efficiency
  • Enabling the search for manuals and documentation
  • Allowing operator access to productivity widgets and apps
  • Supporting multiple operators, and allowing each one to customize screens and setups
  • Shutting down non-cutting functions and accessories to save energy (with ECO suite)
  • Performing maintenance and inspections for long-term machine health and optimization
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