Every partnership serves the Okuma customer

While our partnerships are varied, each unique alliance is tied together with the common thread of genuinely helping our customers in the best way possible. Our trusted partners engage in many forms: they are education partners dedicated to developing tomorrow’s machinists, programmers, and engineers; they are state-of-the-art tech centers designed to offer specific manufacturing solutions for our customers; they are Partners in THINC members bringing specialized equipment and expertise to the manufacturing table; and, finally, they are our tireless distributors who serve as the face of Okuma within their communities. When you passionately pursue a customer for life, you need a helping hand from time to time. With our valued partners, we’re fortunate to have plenty of hands (and minds) to call on when needed.

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From our distribution network to our education centers to our Partners in THINC members, collaboration is at the heart of how we serve our customers.

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