Automation is the future of CNC

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Automation for all

Automation is the future of manufacturing. And it doesn’t have to be a distant future.

At Okuma, we work to equip shop floors with the perfect machine and automation pairing. Whether you’re beginning your journey or ready for the next step, we are here for you.

"Successful automation projects make us better machinists."

Processes must be perfected so issues are not amplified.

– Pete Haley, Owner Gosiger, inc.

Automation Benefits

See for yourself what all the automation
is about

  • Tackle more work

    Tackle more work

    With continuous machining, even during ‘non-operational’ hours, ROI is greatly enhanced

  • Increase Profits

    Increase Profits

    More output, proper resource planning, and decreased labor costs lead to lower cost per part

  • Shorten Lead Times

    Shorten Lead Times

    Manufacturers can deliver quicker due to the extra hours of fully automated manufacturing

  • Reduce Scrap

    Reduce Scrap

    Reducing human interaction provides greater consistency and lowers error rates

  • Attract Talent

    Attract Talent

    Appeal to and maintain higher skilled workforce with engaging tasks, ergonomics, and safety

  • Save On Utilities

    Save On Utilities

    Overhead costs such as lighting, HVAC, and even floor-space requirements can be reduced

Lights out — 24/7

You may be tired, but your automation is not. By leaning into automation solutions, shops around the globe are realizing the most profitable span of time can be when no one is physically located on the floor, yet the machine tools continue to run.

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Automation Categories

We partner with the best.

Wanting to pull automation into your workflow? Know you're not alone in figuring out the best path forward. At Okuma, we work with trusted automation partners to ensure full harmony with our high-quality machine tools.

  • Bar Feeders

    • Simple addition to most Okuma lathes
    • Great for low-mix, high production manufacturing environment
    • Affordable, entry-level automation to boost productivity
  • Automatic Pallet Changers

    • Perfect for vertical lathes, machining centers, and double columns
    • Choose from in-machine, single-level, or tower APCs
    • Provides hours of unattended machining
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems

    • Seamlessly automate numerous machines, even different models
    • Configured to manufacture a variety of parts
    • Able to adapt and handle changing levels of production
    • Setup consultation, configuration, and installation available
  • Okuma Gantry Loaders

    • Perfect for Okuma lathes or grinders
    • Built-in solution for efficient part load, unload, and turnover
    • Servo-driven hand rotation for speed and precision

    Pre-Kitted Automation Cells

    • Pre-configured automation packages
    • Easy to integrate, quick to implement
    • Kits designed for all machine tool categories

    Industrial & Integrated Robotics

    • Pre-engineered solutions for straightforward integration
    • Configuration flexibility for specific applications
    • Combine with smart manufacturing software for insights


    • Okuma integrates with a wide range of collaborative robots
    • Customizable programming, speed, and safety settings
    • Intelligent features for insights into smart manufacturing

    Okuma ROID Series

    • OEM built-in and standalone robot packages
    • Single panel controls machine and robot
    • Part loading/unloading, chip removal, and more

Automation Statistics

Automation is making a huge impact for those that embrace it

Robotic automation increases the utilization of your equipment by

200 to 400%1

You can shorten lead times and offer better quality at

30% less cost by using automation1

A CNC machine shop that employs robotic automation manufactures

47% more parts-per-hour2

When you add in automation, machine utilization increases from

2,000 to 6,000 hours per year3

With the right choice of robotic automation, your direct labor costs can be reduced

by 50 to 90%1

Okuma's Dream Site showcases lights out manufacturing with

100% productivity increase,
50% cut in lead-time,
30% electrical costs savings4

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Okuma is proud to be a trusted FANUC Authorized System integrator (ASI). Experienced in implementing integrated automation solutions to meet our customers' needs, Okuma has the knowledge and expertise to provide systems ensured to improve quality, throughput, and productivity.