Daifuku flexible manufacturing system picking up a tombstone off the storage rack
Daifuku flexible manufacturing system working alongside the Okuma MB5000HII

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

  • Seamlessly automate numerous machines, even different models 
  • Able to adapt and handle changing levels of production 
  • Setup consultation, configuration, and installation available

Product Detail

A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is just that—flexible. It’s an invaluable automation accessory for shops with mixed parts, changing production volumes, and varying assemblies. If production diversity is the norm at your shop, FMS automation can successfully increase your machine tool utilization and, ultimately, your profitability. Want to talk details? We're here to help, contact us.

Compatible Okuma Products:

Partner Solutions:

  • Erowa
  • Fastems
  • Daifuku FMS

What can we do to help?

Your local Okuma distributor will be happy to give you a call or visit your facility to discuss your machine tool needs.