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When it comes to your machine tool, even the tiniest modifications can have a significant impact on overall efficiency. Data is king, and that’s what MTConnect provides: detailed information over time to help you maximize performance. By establishing an open and expandable channel of communication for plug-and-play interconnectivity between all of your devices, equipment, and systems, MTConnect allows these different sources to exchange and understand each other's data. That common communication is facilitated by using widely accepted XML and Internet Protocol technology to provide you with near real-time data from your entire operation, data you can access via a computer interface of your choosing.

Thanks to our control’s open-architecture configuration, any Okuma machine tool with the OSP-P control is MTConnect-ready. In fact, installation is as easy as connecting an Ethernet cable.

Free! Okuma MTConnect Agent & Adapter

To learn more about MTConnect, visit their website for more information.

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Designed with the machine user in mind, our OSP control is an intuitive interface that allows operators to maximize efficiency. Seeing is believing, so request a demo today.

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