Our compass always points toward the customer

Our Mission: We passionately pursue a customer for life.

If you’ve owned an Okuma, worked with Okuma, or partnered with Okuma, you know our mission: we passionately pursue a customer for life. While we’re dedicated to the highest level of craftsmanship for every product we make, our mission is informed by the philosophy that there’s an actual human being behind every Okuma machine in use. So when you purchase an Okuma machine, that isn’t the end of our “pursuit.” It’s only the start of it.

Our Vision: Our quest is to foster a dynamic workplace of engaged employees striving to deliver an exceptional customer service experience.

Of course, a mission is only as good as those who are committed to it. That’s why our mission merges seamlessly with our vision of fostering a dynamic workplace of engaged employees striving to deliver an exceptional customer experience. These are more than just words on a website; our employees reflect on the values below, and they’re honored accordingly for acting on them. Our values allow us to keep our commitments to our customers, as well as attract and retain the most talented employees in the industry.

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Our Values Include:

Leading with a SERVANT HEART

  • Be authentic
  • Act with integrity
  • Act with urgency
  • Care of others

Commitment to QUALITY

  • Continuous improvement
  • Drive for innovation
  • Honor our legacy
  • Own it!

Valuing Meaningful PARTNERSHIPS

  • Act as one
  • Help others succeed
  • Collaborative solutions
  • Passion for manufacturing

Making it FUN

  • Contagious energy
  • Family-centric
  • Generous intent
  • Open possibilities
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