Exterior of the Okuma STANDROID stand-alone robot package
Interior of the Okuma STANDROID stand-alone robot package


  • Pulse Handle - Precision robot operations can be easily performed
  • Seamless Integration - eliminates cumbersome interfaces
  • Compact Robot - for increased production capacity
  • OKUMA OSP CONTROL - enables real-time control of both robot and machine tool

Product Detail

Part of Okuma’s ROID series, the STANDROID is a standalone robot package that provides automation in high-mix, low to medium-volume production. STANDROID’s easy robot operation and compact space solve some of the major hurdles robot automation has faced before, along with the ease of operation that comes with a single operation panel.

Along with the benefits of easy-to-use automation management, the STANDROID is simple and cost-efficient to set up. Additional package variations are also available to give you the flexibility you need for the workpiece, lot size, scope of automation and any other product requirements. Bringing multifunctional automation to your manufacturing operations through the STANDROID allows you to continue to further innovate at whatever level of control works best for you.

Available on these machines:

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