Passion for Our Customers is Our Mission

Wade Anderson

There’s a lot to be excited about in our industry. With the non-stop improvement of processes and technologies that quickly and cost-effectively produce parts, market opportunities are growing. The momentum of manufacturing promises a connected, innovative future.

This current level of momentum, however, is not without turbulence. Manufacturers constantly struggle to remain agile due to supply chain hurdles and the skilled labor shortage. Rest assured. At Okuma, we understand and keep our eye on evolving trends that impact shop floors across the nation. Our goal is to continue to adapt together—with our customers, partners, and distributors—to provide only the best solutions and overcome any challenges.



Our approach is simple. We embrace a collaborative philosophy to produce the highest-quality outcomes for all parties involved. Most importantly, this includes our customers, as they are the source of our most valuable feedback and rely on our products and partnerships to drive their productivity and profitability. By pulling together the greatest minds and human power in the industry, Okuma remains agile in product development and is ready to help shops face any challenge or unexpected movement within the industry.

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We admit, in all manufacturing processes, the machine tool is only one piece of the puzzle. Unlike other OEMs, we don’t believe in hiding our partners. Rather, we instill trust in our first-rate distribution and partnerships and recognize that our machine tools and your shop floor will be more productive because of them. The numbers don’t lie:

  • For over 35 years, our distributors have led the way and continue to be the local, dedicated faces of our brand.
  • Our distribution network includes more than 2,000+ sales, service, application engineering, and back-office personnel who are ready to offer customized support.
  • 45+ Partners in THINC members bring specialized equipment and expertise to the manufacturing table, including automation, coolant systems, tooling and workholding, gaging, software, and more.

Automation is actively changing the landscape of manufacturing. Available in many tiers, from entry-level bar feeders and pallet pools to the more sophisticated robotic cells, automation is now considered a very practical and logical solution. By implementing automation in your shop, the following outcomes are possible:

  • Consistent and improved part quality.
  • Increased productivity which leads to increased revenue.
  • Compensation for the skilled labor shortage.

It’s important to know that if you’re considering pulling automation into your workflow, you’re not alone in figuring out the best path forward. At Okuma, we work hand-in-hand with our partners to equip shops with a perfect automation pairing. After all, we believe that automation is for virtually every shop – no matter your size, machine type, or budget.

Want to dive deeper into automation? Download our guide to learn more.
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We love our industry and want to see it continue to thrive for generations to come. At Okuma, we directly impact the current and future workforce and are committed to increasing awareness and interest in manufacturing. Here are a few things we take pride in implementing:

  • Next-Gen Equipment: It’s important for machine tools and technology to demonstrate the sophisticated, cutting-edge side of manufacturing. Highly interactive controls and ergonomic designs contribute to keeping operators engaged and excited.
  • Supporting Educational Institutions: Increased partnerships with and support from colleges and institutions, such as our Okuma Machine Tool Academy, Davis Technical College’s manufacturing training program for the visually impaired, CNC Enhanced, and more, continue to build the pool of qualified machinists and programmers.
  • Being Present at Industry Events: Showing off the latest products and talking with our customers is a highlight for our team. Events like IMTS, Smartforce Student Summit, and distributor open houses remain a hotbed for collaboration.


For us, the meaning behind ‘Adapt Together’ is personal – and so is the level of attention you’ll receive from Okuma, our partners, and our distributors to provide only the best solutions and overcome any challenge.

Ready to take the next step to improve your processes, add automation, or discuss another challenge? Contact your local distributor now.

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