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For heavy truck and bus manufacturers, the ability to deliver within spec and on deadline is important to maintaining customer relationships. Mechanical failures can have a ripple effect on any project and cause unwanted delays. Building a product that you and your customers can rely on to meet delivery goals is not optional – it’s essential.

Not only is it imperative for manufacturers of engine and drivetrain components to create products that will deliver on their customers’ needs, but you also need to do so efficiently and ensure that you’re producing the highest-quality parts possible.

Okuma makes machine tools for heavy truck and bus manufacturers that help you achieve the lowest cost per part possible. Having a consistent experience with the machine's CNC control will help make operations repeatable and easy. Our machines are designed to let you create efficient processes, reduce downtime and fulfill high-volume requirements.


Having the flexibility to adapt to changing customer demands is essential to ensuring maximum spindle utilitzation. Every heavy truck and bus order is custom – therefore, any machine you use needs to be able to adapt to any specifications your customers need.

Our machines are customizable to meet the production needs for the heavy truck and bus industry, whether the parts you create are used in every type of vehicle you produce or only in a single vehicle type.


Okuma provides preventive maintenance packages, extended warranty plans and employee training in order to support the needs of heavy truck and bus manufacturing. With our industry-leading CARE program, which provides technical support 24/7/365, we are ready whenever you need our services or support.

Our vast distribution network includes an expansive parts inventory to ensure minimal downtime when a need for parts or repair arises. We also provide engineering assistance to help you customize your machine to best work for your business.


In the heavy truck and bus industry, it is crucial to meet your deliverables on-time and in full. Therefore, every aspect of your operations needs to be as efficient as possible to ensure deliveries are made correctly and to keep your flow of projects running smoothly.

An Okuma machine tool will not only allow you to meet your deliverables, but it can also provide cost savings. By reducing downtime and and the need for human intervention, fewer people are required to perform tasks that are now automated.

Our projects are all custom and varied. Can I create all the parts I need with one machine?
Okuma machines are designed for flexibility to meet your vehicle production needs. Whether you want to produce one part at different sizes or multiple components on the same machine, you can control how your Okuma machine will work best for you.
How can I speed up production without sacrificing quality?
Engineering your machine to best schedule, organize and manage the jobs that you handle every day will set you up to have the most efficient production possible. Okuma’s engineers are available to help you best manage your machine’s configuration.
Will Okuma provide training for my new machine?
Okuma has one of the most powerful distributor networks in the metalcutting industry, with factory-trained technicians capable of assisting with all your current needs, as well as training the future generation of operators.
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