2 SP 2500 H hires shadow


  • Optional Milling Tools - Greater Parts diversity
  • OSP suite - Features you want with pre-loaded apps
  • Compact Footprint - efficient use of your shop floor
  • Integrated Automation - 4-second part load/unload
  • Operator Friendly - Easy spindle & turret access

Preventive Maintenance Insights

Keep your lathe turning at peak performance. Watch this video to make downtime a thing of the past.

Product Detail

The innovative front-facing spindle of our 2SP-2500H helps create an automation-friendly lathe for small parts production. By moving the spindle off the side and incorporating the Okuma Gantry Loader (OGL) into the production line, parts can be loaded and unloaded automatically. An extremely compact footprint improves floor space utilization, while the popular dual spindle option significantly reduces cycle time.

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Highlighted Specs

Max Turning Diameterin16.14
Max Turning Lengthin7.87
Spindle Nose Type JIS A2-6
Speed Rangemin⁻¹45~5,000
Standard Powerhp20/15
Rapid Traverse X:Zfpm82
Max Turning Diametermm410
Max Turning Lengthmm200
Spindle Nose Type JIS A2-6
Speed Rangemin⁻¹45~5,000
Standard PowerkW15/11
Rapid Traverse X:Zm/min25
Productivity 1 min

Perfect Automation Pairings

This machine tool is compatible with the following automation solutions for increased production, accuracy, and efficiency across your operations. 


What can we do to help?

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