GA26 W closed hires 100


  • PART CAPABILITIES - up to 7.87” diameter and 25.6” length
  • WIDE V AND FLAT GUIDEWAY - Designed for rigidity and accuracy
  • HYDRODYNAMIC WHEEL SPINDLE - High rigidity and rotational accuracy
  • OSP-P300GA CONTROL - easy operation with IGAP+ conversational programming
  • REAL POWER IN A COMPACT FOOTPRINT - Up to 20HP Grinding Wheel Spindle
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Product Detail

The Okuma GP26W and GA26W are designed for stable, high-accuracy grinding of small parts used in automobiles, motorcycles, hydraulic equipment, home appliances, and more. These compact machines are especially suited for small workpieces and offer high accuracy in mass-production machining. A compact body and a space-saving footprint are achieved thanks to the wheelhead's traverse structure, which shortens work lines and contributes to a higher work efficiency.

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Highlighted Specs

Distance Between Centersin15.75 or 25.59
Max Grinding Dia.inØ7.87
Grinding Wheel ODxIDinØ24 × Ø10
Max Grinding Wheel Widthin5.9
Rapid Traverse:Xipm1,181
Rapid Traverse:Zipm787
Wheel Spindle Motorhp10 [20]
Distance Between Centersmm400 or 650
Max Grinding Dia.mmØ200
Grinding Wheel ODxIDmmØ610 × Ø254
Max Grinding Wheel Widthmm150
Rapid Traverse:Xm/min30
Rapid Traverse:Zm/min20
Wheel Spindle MotorkW7.5 [15]
Productivity 1 min

Perfect Automation Pairings

This machine tool is compatible with the following automation solutions for increased production, accuracy, and efficiency across your operations. 


What can we do to help?

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