Advanced One-Touch


With Advanced One-Touch IGF you can create a program to optimize your machine capabilities. It allows users to describe part geometry using simple commands such as Face/Long/Groove/Thread from which the system draws the defined shape and then develops the complete part program. The PC version of Advanced One-Touch IGF is identical to the machine’s version, so it’s easy use with a minimal learning curve.


Advanced One-Touch IGF offers these advantages: 

  • Can use Advanced Machining to run the machine directly from the IGF source file or create a G-code part program and run the machine in a traditional manner.
  • Override learning allows you to capture and update speeds and feeds during the machining process and reset to new cutting conditions.
  • Mid-process restarts are possible, preventing troublesome mid-program return procedures.
  • 76% fewer keystrokes than previous One-Touch IGF versions.
  • New and improved Interactive User Graphics (see gallery)
  • A quick and easy means of creating part programs at the machine tool.
  • System can create a machining process that the operator can customize as needed.
  • Other useful features:
    • An automatic decision function and a list editing function
    • Program check using 3D simulation
    • Extensive process editing functions
    • Drawing parts is easy with many interactive process functions