Certified Exchange Parts

When you need to replace a part on your CNC machine, it can be tempting to go to a third party supplier. However there are many compelling advantages to Okuma’s OEM Certified spare parts that must be considered. With third party replacement parts, tolerances and specs may not be as strict, they may have a shorter life span, and it may take longer to receive your order. Okuma’s Certified Exchange Parts program is designed to maintain the high-performance you’ve come to expect from your Okuma machine tool, and to provide a speedy and cost-effective spare parts solution.

The CNC Exchange Division provides electrical repair parts for Okuma-designed CNC control components such as drives, boards and control panels. The Mechanical Exchange Division takes care of major mechanical components such as spindles and CAM boxes. The repairs are performed onsite at either Okuma America or Okuma Japan and are done by OEM Certified Technicians using OEM Certified spare parts. This ensures the lasting performance integrity of your CNC machine.

There’s another key benefit to using Okuma’s OEM Certified spare parts – and this has immediate impact on your wallet. We provide replacement parts immediately, before your broken part is fixed. This means no waiting while you send in your part for repairs (which can take up to two or three weeks), and reduces costly downtime. Whether your servo drive, motherboard, operations panel, spindle or CAM box needs repair, Okuma has parts on hand to help. Parts can be shipped same or next day, and come with a one-year warranty – as if they were new. All exchange parts are shipped with a FedEx PRP label. This means the cost of shipping your broken part to your Okuma Distributor or Okuma America is prepaid: just package it and call FedEx for pick up. All of our exchange units are repaired and dynamically run-tested in our Charlotte, North Carolina facility, and must pass stringent tests and quality assurance before they can be shipped. Repaired units provided through the Exchange program typically sell for 50% of the cost of new.

Okuma CNC machines are known for their uptime and for delivering many years of constant productivity, because they’re built to last. But things do happen. Okuma’s Certified Exchange Parts program helps our customers be as productive as possible and also provides efficiencies (time and money) that reduce the cost of maintaining your machine tool’s performance.

Benefits of Okuma’s Certified Exchange Parts Program:

  • OEM Certified spare parts maintain your CNC machine’s high-performance without the compromises typically associated with third party suppliers
  • Spare parts for both electrical and mechanical components are repaired and tested by OEM Certified Technicians using OEM Certified parts
  • Replacement parts are shipped immediately, before receiving your broken part – greatly reducing downtime
  • When shipping your broken part to your Okuma Distributor or Okuma America, your return cost is prepaid
  • Okuma’s Certified Exchange Parts are run-tested and quality assured before shipping, and carry a full one-year warranty
  • Certified Exchange Parts cost substantially less – typically 50% of the cost of new parts

Certified Exchange Parts FAQs

  • Aren’t third party parts pretty much the same as OEM Certified?

    No. Third party parts may seem like a cheaper solution, but beware the hidden costs. First there is downtime: it may take 2-3 weeks to turn around a third party part, while Okuma’s Certified Exchange Parts are shipped to you immediately. Second, third party parts often create costly productivity compromises, such as less-stringent tolerances and specs, and shorter life spans.

  • Isn’t it more expensive to buy OEM Certified Parts?

    No. Because of the efficiencies built into Okuma’s Certified Exchange Parts program, OEM Certified spare parts typically cost 50% less than new parts.

  • How fast can I get my Certified Exchange Parts?

    Immediately. Electronic and mechanical parts are typically shipped within one business day.

  • Are Exchange Parts reliable?

    Yes. Every Okuma Certified Exchange Part is warrantied the same as new parts – for one full year. Prior to shipping every part must pass stringent testing requirements to assure its quality.

  • What’s the best way to get the part ordering process underway?

    Call your distributor. They will get the process underway immediately for locating and shipping your Certified Exchange Part.