New Parts

CNC machine users typically want to know: “what do you have on the shelf to support me if I need a part quickly?” Okuma’s New Parts program provides a wide safety net of options that provide speedy access to our large global parts inventory for OEM Certified original parts. Our “zero obsolescence” policy means we provide parts for every Okuma CNC machine ever made. Our extensive global inventory enables us to achieve a service parts fill rate greater than 95%, meaning it’s likely the part you need is on hand and ready for delivery.

In total, we have $200 million in parts inventory worldwide, ready to ship from a variety of stocking locations. We have $60 million in inventory right here in the Americas, including our North Carolina headquarters and our distributor facilities. Because of the geographic spread of our distributors and their locally-stocked inventory, we can often get a part delivered to a customer within a day or sooner. And you’re not limited to the inventory of just your own distributor – every distributor has access to Okuma’s entire inventory of parts. If needed, we can also tap into stocked inventory at Okuma’s parts departments in Japan and Germany, and these can be shipped direct to you within 24 hours through our Q24 program. In special circumstances we may need to build a part for you, and we have an onsite machine shop to turn this around quickly.

When you need to replace a part on your CNC machine, it can be tempting to go to a third party supplier. However there are many compelling advantages to Okuma’s OEM Certified spare parts that must be considered. With third party replacement parts, tolerances and specs may not be as strict, they may have a shorter life span, and it may take longer to receive your order.

Okuma CNC machines are known for their uptime and for delivering many years of constant productivity, because they’re built to last. But things do happen. Okuma’s New Parts program provides what you need, when you need it, for the lifetime of your machine.

Benefits of Okuma’s New Parts Program:

  • $200 million parts inventory worldwide
  • $38 million parts inventory at Okuma in North Carolina
  • $22 million North America distributor parts inventory24-hour global inventory look-up and 24/7/365 support
  • Q24 global door-to-door emergency parts shipping
  • Large supply chain
  • Parts support for every Okuma CNC machine ever made
  • One year warranty on all parts
  • On-site machine shop for quick parts turnaround
  • OEM Certified spare parts maintain your CNC machine’s high-performance without the compromises typically associated with third party suppliers

New Parts FAQs

  • Do you have inventory on the shelf to support me in my time of need?

    Yes. Our New Parts program provides ready access to $60 million in inventory in the Americas and $200 million worldwide. Our service parts fill rate is greater than 95%, which means our shelves are stocked and ready to ship when you need parts pronto.

  • How quickly can you get parts delivered to me?

    Our New Parts program is designed for speed. Okuma’s expansive distribution network in the Americas is unique, and allows us to search first for local availability. If your part is on the shelf locally, you can have it within a day or sooner. We can also provide emergency access to our global inventory and deliver from Japan or Germany within 24 hours, due to our partnership with FedEx®.

  • Do you have parts for my older machines?

    Yes. We support our machine tools forever. We still even support manual lathes that don’t have a control on them. We keep parts in stock, and if we don’t have what you need we’ll make it for you. Zero obsolescence means you can always get a part for any Okuma CNC machine.

  • What’s the best way to get the part ordering process underway?

    Call your distributor. They will get the search process underway immediately and find the fastest way to deliver your part.

  • I see non-Okuma distributors selling parts, why can’t I just buy parts from them?

    No one other than Okuma and Okuma distributors are authorized to sell Okuma OEM parts. Third party parts may seem like a cheaper solution, but beware the hidden costs. First there is downtime: it may take longer to turn around a third party part, while Okuma OEM parts are shipped to you immediately. Second, third party parts often create costly productivity compromises, such as less-stringent tolerances and specs, and shorter life spans.

  • Who are the approved Okuma-certified parts distributors?

    The Okuma-certified distributors can be found here.

  • Companies other than Okuma distributors say they have Okuma parts. Why is this?

    These companies are selling parts that they claim are “compatible” or non-certified parts. While they may fit the machines, they have not been specifically designed by Okuma for the specific machines and you will probably not get the performance from these non-certified parts as you would from an Okuma OEM part. Additionally, having non-Okuma parts installed in your machine could invalidate your machine warranty. It’s always best to have an Okuma-certified distributor supply and install your parts.