Partners in THINC eNews | July 15, 2014

Bridging the Skills Gap: Tips for CAM Users

One of the best ways to bridge the skills gap is to ensure that skilled workers who are already in place are using the latest technology enhancements. To speed users along this path, Delcam recently unveiled a new series of YouTube videos that provide handy tips and tricks for its PowerMILL and FeatureCAM CAM systems. These how-to videos will make you a Delcam “power user” and streamline your process of taking designs from the concept stage into highly efficient production.


WTO’s New Quick Change System for Driven Toolholders

In the past, acquiring non-perishable tooling after a major machine purchase required a large expenditure – one that was often uncomfortable for companies with limited budgets. That’s why, for leaders focused on conserving costs and improving productivity, an innovative new system from WTO (a member of Partners in THINC) can be a game-changer. QuickFlex®, a quick change system for driven toolholders, saves a substantial amount of money in out-of-pocket tooling costs.


Closed Loop Automation Cell (Video)

Have you ever thought about an automation cell, but hesitated because of potential implementation costs? There’s not always a need to build these systems from scratch. At Partners in THINC, we’ve done the up front integration work for you. Check out this video where Jeff Estes provides a demonstration of how an automation cell works, and what kinds of benefits you can expect. The icing on the cake is, the various components are already fully integrated by an expert team from our various partners to work with Okuma CNC machines.


Partners in THINC eNews | June 17, 2014

Bridging the Skills Gap: Multitasking Machines

Do you enjoy the convenience of your smart phone? What a relief it is to carry just one device and still have a phone, pager, camera, voice recorder, and even a GPS right at your fingertips. You can get these kinds of “smart” efficiencies in your machine shop too. By combining 2 lathes, a machining center or two, and some automation, you have a multitasking machine tool. This creates efficiencies that allow you to maximize productivity and reduce your need to add employees.


Okuma Machine with ABB FlexMT Automation

A new automation cell that pairs an Okuma LB3000 EX CNC machine with ABB’s FlexMT is on display at the Houston Technical Center and available for demos. The cell provides a repeatable turnkey automation solution that is fully factory supported by ABB. This system, available in three different sizes, is an excellent fit for a wide range of CNC lathe and machining center applications.


Partners in THINC New Member: Parlec

Please join us in welcoming Parlec as a member of Partners in THINC. Parlec, a worldwide leader in tooling and presetting solutions, offers more than 60 years of experience in CNC tooling innovation. The company’s products include solutions for high performance toolholding, modular production boring, tapping, and tool measuring and inspection.


NEW Video Case Study

Are you in constant competition, bidding on jobs? Competing on price can be a cutthroat business. The good news is, there’s a way to get off that hamster wheel. Check out our new video and case study featuring Alliance Innovative Manufacturing and get some inspiration.


Partners in THINC eNews | May 21, 2014

Bridging the Skills Gap: Shop Floor Monitoring

When workforce is stretched to the limit, shop owners often think, “I need to hire.” But what if it was possible to squeeze out more productivity using existing staff and resources? Today we have shop floor monitoring tools, like those available from 5MEdataZenMemex and Predator (members of Partners in THINC) that can help you view key performance indicators that are critical to measure so you can maximize your existing workforce.


Clemson Grad Wins $100,000

Recent Clemson University graduate Valerie Pezzullo, 24, won first place and $100,000 in the MTConnect Challenge 2. Her winning entry is a manufacturing software application that detects chatter in CNC machines so corrections can be made before parts are damaged. The application is designed to help manufacturers that make highly precise parts for a variety of industries, ranging from automotive to aerospace.


Allied Joins Partners in THINC

Please join us in welcoming Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. as a member of Partners in THINC. Allied, located in Dover, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of tooling systems related to hole making and finishing. Allied provides precision hole-making technologies with the highest level of drill performance for end users worldwide.


Hot 5-Axis Video: Can We Break 200,000?

A video for Okuma’s MU-500VA 5-axis multitasking machining center has reached more than 189,000 views in just a little over a year! This makes it our most popular video, by far. What’s all the buzz about? Process-intensive machining; high-speed, high-accuracy cutting; and jewelry too. Based on the numbers, it seems like many of you have already seen this video. But if you haven’t, check it out, and please feel free to share. Help us break that 200,000 mark!


Partners in THINC eNews | April 17, 2014

Memex and 5ME Join Partners in THINC

Please join us in welcoming two new members of Partners in THINC: Memex and 5ME are now a part of our elite group. Each of our partners brings best-in-class talent and products to our collaborations, and the addition of these organizations continues that tradition.


Sandvik Named 2013 Partner of the Year

Congratulations to Sandvik Coromant, Partner of the Year for 2013. The selection was made by Okuma distributors, who completed a survey ranking all members of Partners in THINC on a variety of key attributes. Sandvik’s timely responsiveness to customer inquiries, availability and involvement at distributor training events, and commitment to manufacturing productivity earned them this distinct honor.


Solving the Manufacturing Perception Gap

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recently released two videos that expose and challenge perceptions about manufacturing in America today. The key takeaways? Manufacturing offers so much opportunity for those seeking a rewarding and fulfilling career. On the flipside, many people, especially young millennials, have at best an under appreciation for this opportunity, and at worst, an antiquated perception of what manufacturing is and offers. What can we do to solve this perception gap?


Partners in THINC eNews | March 18, 2014

Bridging the Skills Gap: CNC Control Apps

These days it seems like there’s an “app” for everything. What if you could create apps that streamline manufacturing processes to the point that they’re less labor-intensive? With Okuma’s THINC®-OSP CNC control you can create almost any app you desire. Read on for a few examples of how apps can bridge your skills gap – and see the free apps (now available!) developed by the THINC Developer’s Group and Okuma engineers.


NEW Steady Rests from Kitagawa-Northtech

Depth and availability of precision workholding solutions is critical to helping customers maintain stable throughput and productivity. To ensure customers can acquire the appropriate workholding for their needs, Kitagawa-NorthTech is constantly adding new products to meet every need. Recently, Partners in THINC member Kitagawa-NorthTech added five new high precision steady rests to their fleet of workholding offerings: GHS Series, FRUN Series, VGHS Series, HL80130 and the HS160SAL.


Zero to 5-Axis: Getting Up to Lean

Wolfram Manufacturing started with a blank slate, an empty shop and the goal to achieve a truly lean manufacturing shop. For their first machine purchase, Wolfram looked for a 5-axis machine that would combine the capabilities of several machines. One of their key considerations as a startup was support, so they selected Hartwig, the central Texas Okuma distributor, who is known for great service. The team chose an Okuma MULTUS B400II with Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control from Partners in THINC member Caron Engineering.


Mid-Turret Index Eliminates Extra Operations

Most CNC machines on the market can only perform stops at 30-degree increments. Because of this, a typical 12-station turret is limited to only 12 tools. Okuma CNC machines are different because they can do stops in 15-degree increments, which comes in very handy when you have parts that require more than 12 tools. Watch this video and learn how Okuma’s Mid-Turret Index function (also called “Middle Index Function”) eliminates extra operations due to insufficient tooling capacity.


Partners in THINC eNews | February 18, 2014

Bridging the Skills Gap: Sandvik E-Learning

The ever-changing world of manufacturing requires constant application to keep metal cutting skills fresh. Partners in THINC member Sandvik Coromant’s free e-learning program can help production workers stay abreast of the latest techniques and technology. E-learning is cost-efficient, and your staff can use the courses anywhere at any time, 24/7, at your convenience. The better your competence is at the production level, the better the rate of productivity improvement.


NEW »smile« Tool Presetter for the Next Generation

Partners in THINC member ZOLLER introduces »smile«, the tool presetter and measuring machine of the next generation. »smile« is easy to operate and manufactured exclusively from high quality branded components. It is equipped with all standard measuring functions for the professional presetting and measuring of metal cutting tools, making it an excellent solution in the entry level category. Its ergonomic design provides operational ease, and its robust and workshop-compatible design allow direct placement at the machine.


Fountain of Growth: Automation

LB Pipe & Coupling was on a quest to transform the costly process of manufacturing couplings. In the traditional process, 30% of every coupling is scrap. They knew the answer to increasing productivity and reducing labor costs was to create an automated system. Okuma, Partners in THINC member FANUC and distributor Hartwig worked with the LB Pipe team to automate their CNC machining process for the couplings. Today, LB Pipe’s consistent growth rate of more than 100% annually is the result of competitive advantage gained through automation.


Okuma’s DS1 – Factory of the Future

Okuma Corporation’s new DS1 (Dream Site 1) manufacturing facility in Oguchi, Japan began operation in 2013, producing multitasking machines, medium-sized and large CNC lathes, and vertical lathes. The new facility transforms operations into a “Smart Factory” manufacturing environment, where an increased range of Okuma’s CNC machine products are produced efficiently and in short run production. This enables shorter delivery times, reduced costs, and enhanced market competitiveness. Watch this video to see the new DS1 come to life.


Partners in THINC eNews | January 10, 2014

Bridging the Skills Gap: Automation Productivity Boosters

Workforce woes plague most of us, and this adds further incentive to implement automation. Of course the potential to increase productivity by 30% or more is pretty appealing too. What many don’t realize is that you can make or break your productivity gains by checking and optimimzing your surrounding tools and processes. Watch this video and learn about 5 key automation considerations that will minimize your process pains and boost your productivity gains.


MP Systems Launches New Product

Partners in THINC member MP Systems, Inc. announces the release of an innovative adaptive high pressure coolant system designed to adapt the flow of coolant to correspond to the size of the cutting tool. The RA11 Series Adaptive High Pressure Coolant System was designed for machining applications that require a wide range of cutting tool sizes.


Partners in THINC eNews | December 10, 2013

Bridging the Skills Gap: Divine Prevention

To err is human. To prevent error, divine. With the complexity of today’s CNC machine processes, the risk of error is higher than ever before. Why take chances? Okuma’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS) prevents human error when it comes to collisions, and puts your mind at ease. CAS creates a 3D model of Okuma CNC machines, blanks and tooling. Then our THINC®-OSP CNC control is able to create a virtual machine model. Thus armed, CAS employs a Virtual Modeling application that runs seconds ahead of your actual cutting. When a problem arises, this allows time for the machine to be stopped before a costly collision – saving you time and money.


THINC®-OSP-P300: Join the Revolution

Okuma has a long history of spearheading innovations in CNC control technology. We’ve been doing it for more than 50 years, so continuous evolution is nothing new to us. The new THINC®-OSP-P300 represents a huge breakthrough however – one that is more revolutionary than evolutionary. The key is the radical shift from a mode-based to a process-based user interface. By enabling both process efficiencies and user innovation, the OSP-P300 revoltionizes your world and puts you in control.


Kuka Robotics Demonstrates Integration

At EMO 2013 in Hanover, Germany, Partners in THINC member KUKA Robotics presented flexible solutions for the automation of CNC machine tools. Due to global competition, it is necessary to increase the operating time of CNC machine tools still further. Automation of machine tools with KUKA robots boosts productivity and reduces unit costs. In many cases, the integration of a robot with the machine tool pays for itself in less than a year.


Partners in THINC eNews | November 12, 2013

Bridging the Skills Gap: Super-NURBS

How easy is it to find skilled labor who can cut curved, smooth parts? If you’re experiencing a skills gap like many job shops today, it’s probably not so easy. Introducing Super-NURBS (to the rescue?). Super-NURBS is a programming functionality for CNC machining that meets high-accuracy finish requirements on curved surfaces while speeding up cycle times. As a result, hand-finishing time is drastically reduced allowing users to produce high-quality parts quickly.


ISCAR Introduces HYDRO-SURE Adapter

Partners in THINC member ISCAR introduces revolutionary new chucks that combine user-friendly hydraulic clamping with side screw clamping for Weldon-type shank tools. The new HYDRO-SURE adapters can be used for standard Weldon shank tools – meaning there is no need for special/costly tools and adapters that prevent tools from pullout.


Okuma Hosts Annual Technology Showcase

Okuma will host the 2013 Technology Showcase event on December 10-12 at the Partners in THINC facility in Charlotte. This event gives attendees the opportunity to witness the latest CNC machining technology via hands-on demonstrations, and allows them to learn how this new technology can be applied to their specific manufacturing challenges. Members of Partners in THINC will demonstrate how to improve productivity by integrating peripheral equipment (such as tooling, gaging, workholding, automation, and CNC control software) with Okuma technology.


Partners in THINC eNews | October 8, 2013

Bridging the Skills Gap: Automated Gaging Simplifies the Measurement Process

Automated gaging is a technology that can enable inexperieced machinists to easily perform measurement processes, minimize errors and keep your production workflow moving. The Marposs Quick Set™ gage is an example of how automating processes helps shops maximize productivity. Anytime processes can be simplifed or automated, this allows inexperienced machininsts to perform tasks accurately and on time, and also allows for skilled machinists’ talents to be used elsewhere, where their talents can be maximized.


Partners in THINC Welcomes Two New Members

The members of Partners in THINC are proud to welcome two new additions to the organization, Delcam and Haimer. With membership now numbering 44 companies, Partners in THINC continues to expand the roster of best-in-class suppliers who collaborate to deliver CNC machining technology advancements that enhance the productivity of manufacturers.


CNC Lathe: An Alternative to Dedicated Hobbing Machines

Manufacturers who are involved in gear machining have typically faced a dilemma. A dedicated hobbing machine was the only option for gear production, but it can be difficult to justify this expense unless your production quantities are high enough. A CNC lathe could well be your answer. Okuma offers a hobbing option for lathes that allows the syncing of the spindle and M-tool to produce gears or splines. By simply adding this option to your lathe, you can minimize equipment investments, maintain quality, and reduce work in process by finishing the part in one setup.


Partners in THINC eNews | September 10, 2013

Bridging the Skills Gap: 5-Axis Auto Tuning System

Way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth…well maybe not that long ago, but in the era before Okuma’s 5-axis Auto Tuning System, kinematic errors affected the quality of the finished part. To compensate for these errors, machine operators usually perform an on-site kinematic tuning. This manual process can take up to five hours or more, and requires an experienced machinist. Fast forward to today…with Okuma’s 5-axis Auto Tuning System, the time and talent it takes to compensate for kinematic errors is significantly reduced.


SCHUNK Introduces New TENDO Platinum Toolholder

SCHUNK, a member of Partners in THINC, introduces the new TENDO Platinum toolholder, with advanced technology that increases durability and precision for almost any milling, drilling, and reaming application. The TENDO Platinum enhances brazing technology by using a unique brazing and hardening process in the same cycle, allowing for the most rigid and durable tool clamping available, while protecting the CNC machine spindle and the cutting tool from damages including wear and tear.


Mastercam Introduces Enhanced CNC Software Integrated With Renishaw Probe

Mastercam’s upgraded CNC software, Mastercam X7, provides new capabilities including the new Mill-Turn product, Renishaw Productivity+™, Lathe Dynamic Rough, and more. Mastercam’s Mill-Turn product makes machining on today’s high-powered turning centers and full-function machining centers simpler and easier than ever before. Mastercam X7 integrates Renishaw's Productivity+ for in-process gauging. The Lathe Dynamic Rough toolpath is designed for hard materials cut with button inserts.


Partners in THINC eNews | August 12, 2013

THINC® CNC Apps Fill the Skills Gap

With the ever-growing gap in manufacturing workforce and talent, it’s important to utilize every available technological advancement. Did you know there’s a treasure trove of efficiency-enhancing tools right at your fingertips with the THINC®-OSP CNC control? Imagine creating CNC apps that remotely check CNC machine status (without needing video surveillance), send email alerts for alarms directly to your phone, or set up traceability programs that automatically connect part serial numbers to their associated processing data. Learn about two THINC CNC apps you can download right now – free of charge – that help increase CNC machining efficiency.


ABB Robotics Introduces New Machine Tending Software

ABB Robotics, a member of Partners in THINC, introduces a new system of robotic machine tending software, delivering world class flexibility and ease-of-use for everything from die-casting to injection molding and machining. Together, the new PC-based RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac and the new controller-based RobotWare Machine Tending software allow for simulation, validation and optimization to be completed in the 3D virtual world and then transferred directly to the real world. Everything from cycle times to post processing capabilities to potential risks for collisions can be simulated virtually before costly mistakes are made on the factory floor.


ISCAR’s New High-Performance HELIQMILL 390

ISCAR, a member of Partners in THINC, introduces the ISCAR HELIQMILL 390 line – a new step of development of the insert, with helical cutting edge. This new line delivers the added advantages of an extra cutting edge, extra-strong design, extra reliability and extra accuracy, leading to extra performance. The new tools are intended for machining shoulders, slots and planes. In addition, they can be a good choice in milling surfaces, ramping-down or helical interpolation such as pockets or cavities. This new milling line with a cutting triangle continues the evolution of the ISCAR HELIMILL line and brings additional benefits to the end-user.


Partners in THINC eNews | July 18, 2013

Blum Introduces NEW "Gauging Guide"

Blum LMT, Inc. recently introduced the new Gauging Guide. This graphical user interface (GUI) was developed to complement Blum’s core metrology products, such as lasers, tactile tool setters, and workpiece probes. The GUI, developed for use on Okuma’s THINC®-OSP CNC controls, makes using these core products easier for operators and programmers. Blum’s Gauging Guide is the only industry GUI that utilizes Okuma’s THINC API, allowing operators to take advantage of the integration between the Okuma THINC control and Blum’s Gauging Guide with a simple, one-touch screen.


School's Not Out for Summer! Okuma's Event Schedule Sizzles

Kids may be out of school for the summer, but for adults, the learning never stops, especially at Okuma. Okuma will host several events this summer including the regularly scheduled Lunch and Learn series, an Open House, and other educational events featuring members of Partners in THINC. These events will showcase the latest CNC machine tool and control technology and give attendees a hands-on look at new innovations that will help them become more efficient.


Partners in THINC eNews | June 13, 2013

Bridging the Skills Gap:
5 Advantages of CAM Systems

It’s no secret that skilled labor is challenging to find these days. By using a CAM system, shops can make other, proven parts on a CNC machine using a less experienced machinist/operator, while the more highly skilled machinist is programming the next job at a computer. Learn about five notable advantages of using CAM systems, which increase total output and decrease machine crashes, resulting in greater probability of producing quality parts.


ChipBLASTER Introduces
New Self-Cleaning BLASTVeyor

A leading provider in high pressure and high volume coolant systems, ChipBLASTER recently announced their newest self-cleaning conveyor. BLASTVeyor is specifically designed to contain all chips within the conveyor, increasing filtration level and reducing downtime. The BLASTVeyor eliminates buildup of scrap that can cause conveyor flooding, starved coolant pumps, and undesirable CNC machine conditions.


Feeling the Heat? Your CNC Machine Sure Is!

Have you ever noticed how the heat of summer can wreak havoc on your CNC machine? If your working conditions don’t involve the luxury of air conditioning, Okuma provides some handy tips to protect your CNC machine from summer heat and what to do if you find yourself with a down machine.


Partners in THINC eNews | May 21, 2013

Bridging the Skills Gap: Using Quick Change Fixturing for Unplanned Production

With the mandate for lean operations more prevelant than ever, it’s important to keep interruptions to a minimum. However planned production runs don’t always have the luxury of running without interruptions. With the right CNC machine, and the right set up, unplanned machining can be done with minimal interruption by following these simple steps.


New GibbsCAM 2013 Increases Machining Productivity

Gibbs and Associates, a developer of CAM software for thirty years, announces its latest release, GibbsCAM 2013. It includes enhancements to the entire suite of GibbsCAM software to improve efficiency and profitability. GibbsCAM will host a webinar on June 12, 2013 from 2-3p.m. EDT. The webinar will discuss the definition of high-speed machining (HSM) factors that contribute to optimization of high-speed machining, why HSM is important in today’s manufacturing environment, what elements comprise HSM, HSM tools, technologies and methods, and HSM and cost reduction.


Hexagon Metrology’s New Shop Floor CMM
a Hot Seller

Hexagon Metrology recently launched the 4.5.4 SF with analog scanning capabilities. The 4.5.4 SF CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is the fastest selling product in Hexagon Metrology’s history. It focuses on economical portability, with a small footprint to fit anywhere dimensional inspection is needed. While the 4.5.4 SF with scanning capabilities is the perfect coordinate measuring machine for small job shops, it’s also a great addition for large manufacturers deplyoing scanning measurement operations in their production lines.


Partners in THINC eNews | April 12, 2013

Workforce Utilization:
Hy-Tech's Automation Cell is a Productive New Hire

One of the most common challenges in the manufacturing industry today is finding quality talent. This means it’s more critical than ever to make sure that the skilled employees already in place are being utilized efficiently. See how it’s done, as Hy-Tech Machine and Gosiger Automation install an Okuma MULTUS B300 CNC turn-mill with a FANUC M-20ia six-axis industrial robot and a fixtureless conveyor system, allowing employees to utilize their time more productively and increase overall throughput.


New Tool Presetters from Koma Precision Deliver on Power and Price

Elbo Controlli, a worldwide leader in presetting solutions, distributed through Koma Precision, is continuing its innovations in tool management with a new generation of tool presetters. The newly designed Hathor Six and Sethy Six are tailored specifically to meet customer requirements for a powerful tool measuring system at a price point no other solution can match.


Sandvik Specs a Surprisingly Productive Face Milling Cutter Solution

It’s no secret that standard tools don’t always “cut it” when it comes to composite machining operations. Finding the right tool for different kinds of composite material always involves both experience and innovative thinking. Check out this scenario where Sandvik proposed a surprising face milling cutter solution that increases tool life, saving time and money.


Partners in THINC eNews | March 13, 2013

ZOLLER Announces Lunch & Learn Series

ZOLLER, a member of Partners in THINC, announces an extensive Lunch & Learn workshop series at their various office locations across the USA and Canada as well as selected partner facilities. A total of 72 free workshops are planned throughout the year and will focus on optimizing production processes via tool presetting, tool measuring and inspection, and tool management software.


Kennametal Launches Free iPad App

Partners in THINC member Kennametal now offers a free iPad application named “Kennametal Innovations.” The app features cutting-edge, interactive animations of Kennametal’s productivity-enhancing technologies for CNC machining and industrial processes. Available at the iTunes™ App Store, it brings to life some of Kennametal’s latest metalworking tooling technologies.


Partners in THINC eNews | February 12, 2013

ESPRIT to Host CNC CAD/CAM Software World Conference

Partners in THINC member, ESPRIT, a leader in CAD/CAM software, will host the ESPRIT World Conference May 6-10, 2013 in Tampa, Florida. This international event offers more than 60 technical sessions, one-on-one consultations and presentations from industry experts from around the world. Training will cover a broad range of tools, processes, technologies and techniques, incorporating eight interest areas and three skill levels.


Okuma Blogs and…Vlogs? Yes, We’re Vlogging!

At Okuma, innovation is on our To-Do list every day, and you can see this in everything from our THINC®-OSP CNC control to our website! We’ve been stepping it up on our blog too. In fact, recently the Okuma blog featured our first video post. These “vlogs” provide quick tips, demonstrations and fresh new ideas you can put to work in your own CNC machining practices.


THINC CNC Control Demos at the 2013 MTConnect Conference

Okuma America Corporation will be a leading sponsor and exhibitor at the upcoming MTConnect [MC]2 conference on April 10-11, 2013 in Cincinnati, Ohio. MTConnect is a software protocol standard that allows CNC machine tools, peripheral equipment and software applications to speak to each other in a common language, simplying integration to save you time and help you be more productive. The Okuma THINC®-OSP CNC Control is MTConnect-ready and will be demonstrated at the conference.


Partners in THINC eNews | January 15, 2013

Kitagawa-NorthTech Unveils Powerful New Compact Rotary Table

Catering to the oil, gas and aerospace machining industries, Kitagawa-NorthTech now offers the TP530, a new state-of-the-art rotary table with an extremely compact body. It has a 4x smaller footprint than conventional NCRTs, with 440 pounds less weight distribution. This rotary table is ideally suited for machining large work pieces such as oil pipes.


2012 Technology Showcase Draws Rave Reviews

Thanks to the combined efforts of our distributors, partners and Okuma staff, the 2012 Technology Showcase held in December was very successful. During the three-day period we hosted 342 guests from 191 different companies.


2013 Lunch and Learn Series; Same Great Value, Different Dates

We’re pleased to announce that our Lunch and Learn series will continue throughout 2013. Each month, at the Okuma Tech Centers in Charlotte, Chicago, and Houston, we will host a partner-focused event. The dates will change from the third Thursday of each month to the third Wednesday of each month. These educational seminars showcase the latest CNC machining technology and how it can help increase overall productivity. For more information and to register for Partners in THINC events, please visit


Partners in THINC eNews | December 11, 2012

Gardner Capital Spending Forecast Predicts a Strong 2013

At the Okuma and Partners in THINC 2012 Technology Showcase, Steve Kline presented findings from the Gardner Research 2013 Capital Spending Forecast. The full presentation details the types of equipment, workholding, and tooling that metalworking facilities will buy in 2013. The data includes an emphasis on hot industries for 2013.


GibbsCAM Joins Partners in THINC

Partners in THINC is pleased to welcome its newest member, GibbsCAM, a leading provider of cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology. Gibbs and Associates provides state-of-the-art, PC-based computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems for programming computer numeric controlled (CNC) machine tools. GibbsCAM provides full-featured CAM systems that deliver powerful capabilities without sacrificing ease of use.


Gosiger’s East Coast Division Extends “Thank You” to Members of Partners in THINC

Gosiger’s East Coast division recently completed their third seminar of a 3-part series on lights out CNC machining. This series featured several members of Partners in THINC. Gosiger would like to express their appreciation for the support of their programs designed to educate customers on the newest CNC machining technology that is available to help them gain an edge over their competitors.


Partners in THINC eNews | November 13, 2012

2012 Technology Showcase December 4-6

Okuma America Corporation and Partners in THINC will hold the 2012 Technology Showcase December 4 through 6 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event will feature 20+ CNC machines, including the MCR-BIII double-column machining center, the new MU-10000H 5-axis horizontal machining center and other new CNC machines that were shown at IMTS. A wide variety of equipment, including small and large horizontal lathes, 5-axis machines, multi-function machines and vertical and horizontal machining centers will be tooled up and running. Featured applications and peripherals will include Turn-Cut, Machining Navi, a flexible manufacturing system and more.


ABB Joins Partners in THINC

Partners in THINC is pleased to welcome its newest member, ABB, a leading provider of power and automation technologies. ABB, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, operates in 53 countries and in more than 100 locations globally. ABB manufactures and supplies robots, robot software, peripheral equipment, process equipment, modular manufacturing cells and service tasks such as welding, handling, assembling and finishing just to name a few. Their target industries include automotive, energy, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage applications.


Workholding to Increase Productivity

SMW Autoblok’s AXN Automatic Indexing Chucks, with hydraulic clamping and indexing, are designed for high productivity CNC machining of complex workpieces such as valve bodies, spiders or fittings in a single setup. Indexing movement is possible during spindle rotation, allowing for quick changing between the multiple working axes.


Partners in THINC eNews | October 5, 2012

Bridging the Skills Gap – Part 7: Workpiece Probing and Tool Setting

Many manufacturers are experiencing a shortage of skilled labor and are looking to automation to bridge that gap and expand their business. They are looking for a way to go from having one operator dedicated to only one machine to having that same operator running four or more machines. Tool setting and workpiece probing can help bridge that gap.


Velocity/SU-matic Joins Partners in THINC

Partners in THINC is pleased to welcome its newest member, Velocity/SU-matic, a leading provider of tooling technology. Velocity/SU-matic distributes driven and static tooling for Okuma lathes that have M-turret functionality. These tools allow Okuma lathes to perform milling, drilling, turning, boring and gear cutting operations that reduce, and in many circumstances eliminate, the need to move the parts to other machine types for these processes. Velocity/SU-matic also makes special application tooling for these lathes which further reduces the total machining time required to make parts.


Grinding Cell Improves Cycle Time by Over 62%

When a manufacturer of air compressor rotors wanted to improve the safety and efficiency of their grinding operation, Okuma and Gosiger Automation found a solution! Combining an Okuma GA-47 grinder with a single-handed FANUC robot with vision system and manually adjustable grippers, the new grinding cell reduced cycle time from 45 minutes to 16.8 minutes.


Partners in THINC eNews | September 3, 2012

Bridging the Skills Gap – Part 6: Complex Programming of Multi-Function Machines

In order to keep ahead of the competition, many manufacturers are incorporating more complex machine tools into their manufacturing processes. These multi-function, multi-turret and multi-spindle machine tools require more sophisticated programming to maximize productivity. The right CAM system can handle this complex programming environment.


"Solve It" at IMTS 2012

Partners in THINC members have solved a number of manufacturing problems for companies across the country. No matter what challenges you face, we are confident that our breakthrough collaboration can help you improve your operations.


Partners in THINC Presents During IMTS 2012

As part of the IMTS Conference series, Partners in THINC members will be presenting a seminar discussing the use of existing technology to bridge the skills gap. Is finding the needed talent to support your business growth becoming an obstacle to your continued growth? If so, this session is for you.


Partners in THINC eNews | August 10, 2012

Bridging the Skills Gap – Part 5: Reduce Setup Time and Improve Productivity with Machining-Navi

Cost reduction, shorter cycle time, and high productivity are required to complete in today’s global market. For many operators lengthy setup processes can inhibit productivity and in turn be costly. Chatter and vibration are just two of the many reasons for inefficiencies. Okuma's Machining-Navi assists machinists at all experience levels to make the very best part possible with undetectable or no chatter present.


Partners in THINC Lunch & Learn Series

Are you interested in learning about the latest in manufacturing technology, but don't have time to attend lengthy seminars? Partners in THINC has the solution with its Lunch & Learn series of events. Give us 60 minutes and we'll show you how to improve your productivity.


IMTS 2012: "Go Beyond" with Partners in THINC

With 31 members of Partners in THINC having booths at IMTS 2012, and a majority represented in the Okuma booth S-8500, Partners in THINC experts are ready to help manufacturers “Go Beyond.” We encourage you to bring your part, drawing or idea to the Okuma booth, and we’ll put our experts to work to help you solve your manufacturing challenges.


Partners in THINC eNews | June 19, 2012

Bridging the Skills Gap – Part 4: Magnetic Workholding Means Reduced Setup Time

Traditional workholding for machining centers can require large amounts of time to install, set-up and load/unload. Additionally, the use of simple vises or clamps on the worktable may not provide a secure and vibration-free method of holding the part, thus reducing the cutting rate and the life of the cutting tools. Flexibility is also a major concern, especially in shops that currently use more time in setup/change-over than in the actual machining process.


Edmunds Gages Announces New Product

Partners in THINC member, Edmunds Gages, will be exhibiting its new Accu-TouchTM readout at IMTS 2012. This revolutionary universal gaging amplifier provides remarkable visual displays of virtually any shop floor, or production based dimensional measurement.


Partners in THINC Goes West

Last month, Okuma and Partners in THINC participated in the “A Better Way to Manufacture” events sponsored by Hartwig in Houston, TX and Kayesville, UT. Both events had great turnouts and lots of positive feedback from customers.