Pallet Systems

Typical stand-alone machining centers run only 1/3 of the available hours in a year. Processes such as setup, programming, or inefficient machine loading and flow all erode the machine’s availability for cutting parts. Lean initiatives are causing all shops, from the smallest job shop to the largest manufacturing facilities, to review their processes and become more cost efficient. Utilizing an Okuma pallet system can help achieve those efficiencies. The OKUMA pallet system manages your production schedule and level loads your machining centers for optimum throughput. In most cases, a single operator can manage the system, further decreasing your Shop Rate. The typical inefficiencies of a stand-alone machine can be dealt with inclusive of the FMS making parts.

  • Less manpower required per spindle
  • Less dependent on highly skilled people
  • High, consistent quality level
  • Viable batch size can be as low as one
  • Zero setup time
  • Fixtures are ready for repeatable jobs
  • Jobs are buffered and ready to go to the machine regardless of operator availability
  • FMS control system will prioritize and optimize the correct pallet order
  • Increased spindle utilization through more efficient use of the machine tool
  • Lower operating costs
  • Unmanned production during off shift and weekends
  • More effective use of floor space
  • Less Work In Process improves cash flow


Flexible, expandable and dependable - automated modular pallet system. more