Richard Childress Racing

As one of the premier NASCAR racing teams, Richard Childress Racing knows the importance of precision in the production of competition chassis and engine components.

At the Richard Childress Racing Campus, the practical application of precision machining to complex parts is realized in the Richard Childress Racing/Okuma Technology Center. The RCR/OTC combines the science of high technology machining with the art of craftsmanship to create components that stand up to the tough conditions of NASCAR racing.

RCR's OTC uses 15 Okuma machines to produce competition parts ranging from pistons to camshafts, cylinder heads, and to machine engine blocks. With the use of ADMAC Parts and the Okuma OSP control, RCR engineers are able to program machines to meet and maintain exacting precision standards. Combined with MacMan NET, the OSP control allows simultaneous real time monitoring of every machine to assure that each operates at peak efficiency.

"Two of our goals at Richard Childress Racing are winning races and winning championships. To accomplish this we must be competitive and consistent every week. Race car components, especially those for engines, are held to tolerances of less than .001 of an inch. Okuma’s high technology machining centers go even further and are accurately repeatable to .00008 of an inch. Their technology, coupled with unparalleled engineering support, creates a partnership that enables Richard Childress Racing to achieve its goals."

Richard Childress
President & CEO
Richard Childress Racing