Strong CNC Milling Machines Made Stronger<br/>With Gosiger’s Support

Strong CNC Milling Machines Made Stronger
With Gosiger’s Support

In 2004 Bill Geissele established Geissele Automatics as a manufacturer of trigger mechanisms for the AR15 rifle. The company was born out of Bill’s involvement as a competitive target shooter, and he was able to turn his hobby into a fast-growing business. Bill designed the company’s first trigger, the Hi-Speed National Match, for CMP and NRA Hi-Power Rifle competition. more
CNC Machines Go Horizontal

CNC Machines Go Horizontal

When Suburban went shopping for a new horizontal machining center to add to their CNC machine arsenal, the candidate had to be able to handle all of the job shop’s varied needs, plus deliver aerospace machining tolerances and finishes, be lightning fast, precise and rigid. Find out why they selected Okuma over other brands, and the results they’ve achieved. more
Reliable Uptime Means <br/>On-Time Delivery for Quality Machine Shop

Reliable Uptime Means
On-Time Delivery for Quality Machine Shop

At Quality Machine Shop, business is booming. Their CNC machining facility in Sealy Texas, just west of Houston, is well located for their specialty in oil field parts. Inside are 26 Okuma CNC machines, with two more on the way. Quality Machine purchased its first Okuma in 1981 and today is an all-Okuma shop. more
Winning on Simplicity, Common Sense and Great CNC Machine Technology

Winning on Simplicity, Common Sense and Great CNC Machine Technology

Mercer Machine has been using Okuma CNC machine tools since 1976. Recent machine tool acquisitions have helped them tap into the lucrative aerospace and medical markets, increasing their flexibility and productivity. The purchase of an Okuma LB-3000EX-MY lathe increased their capabilities to include multi-tasking operations. more