The THINC applications featured on this page are freeware provided by the THINC Developers Group and Okuma engineers.

The THINC Developers Group provides a community for generating ideas, collaboration, promotion, and support of THINC-related technologies for its members. The THINC Developers Group aids in the continuous improvement of the THINC control and develops applications to help manufacturers improve productivity through the use of the THINC control. For more information about the THINC Developers Group please visit our page.

Additional THINC apps have been developed by engineers from our distribution network.  THINCster is another resource, developed by Gosiger engineer Jimi Brown.  Additional information and apps are available through the THINCster website.

Scheduled Maintenance Reminder

This app provides a preprogrammed reminder of Okuma-suggested maintenance activities and allows users to program and select a daily checklist of tasks to perform to keep the machine operating in peak condition. Download

Blum Gauging Guide

This app provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to assist operators and programmers in using Blum's core metrology products, such as lasers, tactile tool setters and workpiece probes. Using a clean and straghtforward GUI, this software guides the user through simple and very logical steps to program gauging. Download

Visual Assistance Support

At any point in a part program or process, this app can instantly display helpful images for the operator. The images assist with machine setup, visual part inspection, and other functions. The machine programmer need only set the value of a pre-determined Common Variable from within a part program. The application monitors the Common Variable and displays a stored image corresponding to any new value that’s read - one image at a time. The display size and position of the image are saved for each use. Download

Simple Program Selection via Barcode

This app lets an Okuma THINC Control user easily scan a barcode with a USB barcode reader to select a program. The main part program associated with the code is automatically transferred to the machine’s program storage area and selected (ready to run). An associated setup instruction file may also be displayed. Download