LU EX Series

With a history of 4-axis lathes covering more than 25 years, Okuma is known as the 4-axis leader due to the ease of programming, set-up and machine longevity. The LU3000 EX follows this tradition, offering high production tied with thermal stability. The LU3000 EX-M (optional milling function) incorporates the latest in live tooling technology where the tooling is bolted to the turret (BMT-style) for optimum support and power engagement. The 12-station upper turret and eight station lower turret offer plenty of tool stations and allow users to perform multiple turning operations either simultaneously or independently. The integral spindle motor provides ample power along with superior part finishes.

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LU3000 EX

LU3000 EX

• Max dia 13.38”
• Max length 23.62”
• Available w/ Milling &
   Big Bore spindles more