Machining Center Increases Capacity for Manufacturing Operations

UNISIG has increased the capacity of its U.S. manufacturing operations via a new Okuma machine. The machine rapidly processes the complex components that go into the company’s large-sized deep-hole drilling systems. Made by Okuma, the MCR-A5CII-35x100 double-column machining center features multiple heads that allow it to process five sides of a large part in a single setup. As a result, UNISIG is able to manufacture components for its systems in less time and at a reduced cost than if it were to use a traditional vertical machine. “The MCR-A5CII-35x100 further advances UNISIG’s engineering capabilities and productivity levels as the company continues to grow due to increased demand for its deep-hole drilling systems,” said Anthony Fettig, CEO at UNISIG. “This machine allows us to keep semi-finished part production in-house and decreases labor intensive finishing work.”

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