New Koma Precision App in the Okuma App Store Optimizes Machining Precision

Elbo Controlli tool presetter app increases cutting accuracies and machining efficiencies.

Okuma machine tool apps put the power of improving part quality, reducing costs and increasing profitability in your hands. Koma Precision’s new Elbo Controlli tool presetter app in the Okuma App Store delivers outstanding machining precision that increases cutting accuracies and shop efficiencies

The app makes it possible for users to easily measure a tool’s radius and length and then directly send the offsets to the Okuma OSP-P control to update the local tool offset table. Physical measurements can be completed with the tool offset number and the wears. Once a valid measure is received from the presetter, the program will either allow data to be sent to the controller or the operation to be cancelled.

Elbo Controlli’s stable granite column and base, in addition to a precision spindle system that utilizes a one piece cartridge, eliminates the need for adapters and errors associated with their use.

Tool Presetter Features:

  • Increased axis measuring range (600mm | 23.62”)
  • Fixed target function in micrometric registration of X and Z axes
  • A single, high definition 15” TTF touchscreen with improved viewing and functionality
  • Optional manual control of the C axis

App Requirements:

  • Okuma machining center equipped with OSP-P300
  • Elbo Controlli presetter (Sethy Six, Hathor Six) running software 2.4 or above
  • Valid network connection

Okuma’s App Store is the industry’s first and only centralized, online marketplace for CNC machine tool apps and related content. Okuma’s open architecture control and Windows® are fully integrated allowing for true customization to suit particular machining needs. For more information on Koma Precision’s Elbo Controlli tool presetter app and to download apps visit