Okuma Unveils OSP Suite, the Newest Generation of Intelligent CNC Control Technology

Open architecture control enables user-driven customization and enhanced machine tool performance.

Okuma America Corporation, a world-leader in CNC machine tool manufacturing, introduces OSP suite, an open architecture CNC control system that combines Intelligent Technologies with various software applications to improve cycle and lead times while simultaneously achieving optimum machine conditions. Built on the OSP-P300 Control platform, it seamlessly combines a visually pleasing and easy to use operating interface with customizable layouts, machine tool apps, widgets, shortcuts and touch screen technology to improve shop floor productivity. The fully integrated functioning of OSP suite is made possible by Okuma’s use of the mechatronics approach, designing all control, motion and iron components to create a synergistic system that delivers greater reliability and enhanced performance.

Operator Efficiency: The OSP-P300 control features a highly reliable, durable, easy-to-navigate touch screen. The screen can be customized for three different operators with convenient one touch access to machine tasks and suite apps. Each operator can digitally store and easily retrieve documentation and notes right on the control with the white board and message board widgets.

Digital Manufacturing: Information and help features are always at the operator’s fingertips. Manuals, checklists, work orders and process sheets are stored on the control. A helpful search function lets the user easily find important documentation for quick reference and allows the user to bookmark data and notes critical to keeping machines up and running. Operators can also view part files in 3D.

Intelligent Technology and Apps: Okuma’s Intelligent Technologies and Apps enhance machine performance and optimize machine tool productivity. Users can customize the functionality of the control with a variety of Apps from the Okuma App Store.

ECO Suite: ECO suite uses ECO Idling Stop functionality to stop energy-wasting machine tool idling and non-essential functions. Thermo-Friendly Concept technology automatically stops the cooling unit if needed, while maintaining machine accuracies. Reports track and show energy consumption and savings.

Control Screen: The control screen is available in 15 or 19 inch screen configurations. Machine conditions, widgets, apps, shortcuts are visible on the home screen and can be customized simply by touching add and remove keys.

Okuma’s OSP suite integrates hardware and software to improve productivity making it a true one source solution for metal cutting manufacturing. For more information on OSP suite visit http://www.okuma.com/cnc-control-osp-suite.