Press Release | Okuma’s MU-S600V 5-Axis VMC Uses Built-In Robotics

Okuma’s New MU-S600V 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center Connects Machines and Utilizes Built-In Robotics for Ultimate Productivity

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 30, 2019) – Okuma America Corporation, a world leading builder of CNC machine tools, announces the debut of the new MU-S600V 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC). This VMC is unique in the machine tool industry, providing the ability to connect multiple machines to achieve unattended and automated production line systems.

THE MU-S600V is a flexible, 55inch wide, 5-axis space-saving VMC. It’s capable of achieving high production automation by connecting multiple machines and using built-in robotics to transfer parts from one machine to another. This slender machine has a wide machining area in a compact footprint, which maximizes both space utilization and productivity.

All six sides of the workpiece can be machined in a single set-up on two machines using Okuma’s innovative work handoff system. The MU-S600V has a standard 16 drum ATC with an optional 30 chain for increased efficiency. Okuma Intelligent Technologies ensure precise machining with standard Thermo-Friendly Concept and Thermo Active Stabilizer providing outstanding thermal stability.