Multitasking Lathes

Numerous processes can take place within one multitasking machine tool. Experience extreme flexibility when you create a variety of parts with the versatility of cutting, turning, milling, surfacing, drilling, tapping, hobbing, and more—all in one setup.

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Thermo-friendly concept

Eliminate thermal deformation and maintain accuracy as temperature changes.


Open Architecture OSP

Customizable control based on preference and skill level for optimal efficiency.


Eco suite plus

Intelligent software equips your machine with energy-saving features and reporting.

Look to Multitasking Machines to Remain Competitive

With features including milling, Y-axis, sub-spindle, multitasking, turret, and chuck size options, our impressive lineup of multitasking lathes allows your shop to pursue new customers and opportunities – because you will be equipped to do so.

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Automation Made Simple

As shops are looking to adopt automated systems, our open architecture makes automation simple.

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