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Our VTR-350A double column turning center provides large-capacity machining with high rigidity and thermal stability for close-tolerance machining. This heavy-duty, large-capacity, multifunction turning center delivers accuracy and stability derived from our double-column experience and innovation in rigidity and thermal stability. The VTR-350A has a generous work envelope, with a swing over the bed that is among the best in its class, providing the flexibility to handle a wide range of workpieces.

Highlighted Specs
[ ] = Optional
Max Turning DiameterinØ137.79
Max Turning Lengthin62.99 [78.74, 94.49]
Z-Axis Travel [RAM]in49.21 [59.06]
W-Axis [Elevating Rail]in31.50 [39.37, 47.24]
Table SizeinØ118.11
Max Loadlbs44,000
Spindle Speedmin⁻¹ (rpm)1~160
Spindle Powerhp74/60
Torquelb-ft31,346/25,667 [42,779/34223]
C-Axis 360 (minimum control angle: 0.001)
Swing, Max TurnmmØ3,500
Max Turning Lengthmm1,600 [2,000; 2,400]
Z-Axis Travel [RAM]mm1,250 [1,500]
W-Axis [Elevating Rail]mm800 [1,000; 1,200]
Table SizemmØ3,000
Max Loadkg20,000
Spindle Speedmin⁻¹ (rpm)1~160
Spindle PowerkW55/45
TorquekNm42.5/34.8 [58.0/46.4]
C-Axis 360 (minimum control angle: 0.001)

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