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Jim King

Jim King in the Automation Center of Excellence

One of the hottest topics in today’s manufacturing environment is finding ways to produce parts at a lower cost, without the need for additional employees. No matter where you go in the world, this is what shops are talking about, and automation is getting a lot of attention as a powerful solution. The good news is, automation is now being made accessible for shops of all sizes.

Helping More Shops Win with Automation

In the Americas, those who’ve already embraced automation have an advantage, because they’ve positioned themselves to be competitive at a time when reshoring and taking control of supply chain are driving forces. These shops are able to do more than they’ve ever done before, and they’re producing quality parts and winning projects. As a machine tool builder, our quest today is to help more companies get to this advanced level of manufacturing.

Okuma Factory Automation Division

With the recent announcement of our new Okuma Factory Automation Division, Okuma America Corporation is unveiling a major investment in our customers – one that has been years in the making. This was in direct response to increased demand from manufacturers seeking automated machining systems and cells for their operations to address labor shortage issues and to increase production capacities. With the launch of this new division, Okuma will be optimally positioned to offer customers a broad range of Okuma machine tools and automation system pairings. Solutions will include both proprietary and seamlessly-integrated automation systems including automated material loading and unloading systems, machine tending and industrial robotics, automated work piece pallet changers (APC), flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), smart manufacturing systems and beyond.

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As a machine tool builder, our quest is to help shops of all sizes utilize automation to address labor shortage issues and increase production capacities.

Easy to Install and Deploy

Customers today want automation systems that are immediately production ready, plus easy to install and deploy. Easy is the key word here, as most shops are already stretched to the max with existing resources. Okuma has a unique advantage with our OSP control, which provides a Windows®-based open architecture platform designed for ease of use and streamlined compatibility with ancillary devices (such as those used for automation), machine tool apps, etc.

Helping Customers of All Sizes Optimize Operations

The launch of the Okuma Factory Automation Division is a strategic milestone in the company’s 125-year history of creating products and services that meet customer needs of the day. Manufacturing has significantly evolved over the last five years with the broad adoption of automated technologies and changes in workforce trends. With our newly created Factory Automation Division, we are well positioned to advise and provide customers of all sizes with manufacturing systems to optimize their operations.

About Jim King
Jim King
is President and COO, Okuma America Corporation.
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