Okuma LT-200MY Cell Provides Multi-function Operations

Lt 200my multifunction 2

The Okuma LT200-MY with OSP-P control and Abso scales was developed for the automated production of aluminum crank shafts at IMTS. Gosiger Automation integrates a FANUC robot, LNS barfeeder, Marposs touchsetter, Zoller  toolsetter, Sandvik Coromant tooling, Caron Engineering TMAC-7 and AutoComp (for quick SPC) software, Schunk chucks, Kennametal ToolBoss and ISCAR Matrix interfaces/tool management systems and Renishaw inspection probes to create a multi-function cell that decreases lead times by combining machining operations.

According to Partners in THINC Director, Jeff Estes, the application also opens up possibilities for aerospace and medical, to automotive and construction. "The LT200-MY, coupled with other Partner equipment, provides a strong, reliable, and geometric concentric platform to provide many years of quality cost-competitive parts. Immediate feedback and Auto-Comp from gauging systems ensures that scrap/rejections are minimized. This is truly applying various technologies from multiple companies to obtain a lean solution."

Material handling can be addressed via barfeed for unattended operation, via robot with vision system, or manually while nestled in a cell of like machines. Truly a flexible cell that allows the customer to adapt these technologies to their specific needs today and in the future.

The Okuma LT Series of CNC lathes is about process flexibility, high feature utility, and completing the greatest amount of primary and secondary machining possible in one compact platform. The LT-200MY is Okuma's opposed twin-spindle turning center in the six-inch chuck class which does just that. Its multi-function twin spindle integrates equal mill/drill functions on both turrets. Twenty-four tool stations are available for either mill or lathe functions. Any tool from either turret working on either spindle (milling or lathe) combined with automatic part transfer between spindles results in greatly diminished part cycle time.

Turret indexing accuracy is maintained by a large crown gear in the turret coupling with roughly 6000 pounds of clamping force. Okuma's robust spindle design allows the flexibility of feeds and speeds needed to cut work pieces of a variety of materials and yields excellent surface finish and impressive metal removal rates. The 480mm span across large ways provides optimum support for the crossslide and headstock carriages. Off-center milling capabilities now become possible with 3.62 inches of Y-axis stroke. Simple direct program commands and fixed cycles make it easy.

Fanuc's LR-Mate 200iC six-axis robot has been integrated with the LT200-MY production cell by Gosiger Automation. The unit features a Standard Fanuc R-30iA Mate controller unit with teach pendant integrated on a fabricated base with slide-way mounting. The dual end-of-arm tooling has one set of part contact tooling for one part number (13-pound total end-of-arm capacity including parts and tooling). Additional equipment in the configuration include two 4' X 10" belt type conveyors, Fanuc integrated 2-D iRVision and required lighting (fixed mount), machine interface panel, perimeter guarding, interlocked door, and robot-side I/O interface to machine tool.

The LNS Quick Load Servo 65 is designed for automatic loading of short bars up to 51" in length and up to 2-5/8" in diameter. The machine uses the proven concept of the Quick Load Servo III, specially adapted for working in a standard application. The Quick Load Servo 65 is equipped with an automatic diameter changing system and LNS servo motor technology - using an electric motor for both the table elevation and pusher control. The space-saving design takes up to 15% less floor space than the Quick Load Servo S3. Operators can maneuver around the machine in ease with fewer footprints.

Caron TMAC7, a tool monitoring adaptive control application created by Caron Engineering, monitors spindle horsepower in real time during the cutting cycle. It is capable of dynamically adjusting axes feed-rate to maintain an optimum torque curve for each cut, thus maximizing tool life and minimizing cycle time. The TMAC7 interface is also capable of monitoring coolant flow to insure steady tool load through each pass.

With the data collection features of the Caron Engineering TMAC7, the user can now look back at historical data collected during the cutting process to calculate and adjust the relevant variable of the machine, the tools and coolant to increase overall efficiency and reduce tooling and operation costs. Because success depends on a shop's ability to meet the customers' requirements for repeatability, accuracy and speed, the solution becomes a win-win for everyone.

Caron Engineering also provides Auto Comp Software, a PC based software application for automatically controlling tool offsets that works easily with the OSP-P control. The software uses data from a wide variety of devices such as electronic gauges, CMMs, vision systems and many other types of measuring apparatus. Using a running average of the data and user defined compensation limits, the software calculates the correct amount to offset each tool and sends this information to the CNC control automatically. This process eliminates the error of operators inputting the wrong offset amount. All of the measured data is stored for later analysis.

Another important feature of AutoComp is the ability to track tool wear. Each time a tool is compensated, the amount of the compensation is saved for that tool. When the tool has been compensated more than a user defined amount, a wear limit is issued, informing the operator that the tool needs to be changed. A signal can also be sent to the CNC control so that a redundant tool can be called automatically or the machine can be stopped before the next cycle.

The ISCAR MATRIX is your total management system to control inventory, streamline purchasing and drive down costs for small organizations to large enterprises. MATRIX combines the most innovative automated tool dispenser with MATRIX-TM, powerful management software. Access to an item stored in MATRIX's locked bins is electronically controlled by the management software according to pre-defined authorizations. Drawer configurations can be swapped-in/out. Add-on cabinets are connected with a click of a cable and multiple cabinets can be deployed in different locations and networked to run from one common database. This is a truly modular system with the possibility to grow as your needs change. MATRIX technology includes: *patented locking system, *large touchscreen, *plug & play "smart" electronics, *ergonomic design *remote diagnostics.

Kennametal's OSP-ready ToolBoss® is an unmanned drawer-based system for dispensing and replenishing metalcutting tools and supplies at point-of-use. You can configure ToolBoss with a virtually unlimited array of drawer sizes, cupboards, and lockers to accommodate various item and packaging dimensions. The system can help you to establish secure 24-hour inventory control, streamline tooling and supply purchases, and build the foundation for seamless migration to an enterprise-wide tool management system.

The ZOLLER »smile« is the entry-type presetting and measuring device for small-scale manufacturing that offers you absolute top technology in a vertical small-format at a surprisingly reason-able price. Compact and easy to operate, it may be used for any purpose: machining centers, transfer machines, boring mills, CNC-controlled lathes and in tool grinding and sharpening shops for measuring grinding wheels and tools. The »smile« is available with »pilot« software in five different measuring ranges depending on tool length. Due to its low investment cost, the »smile« is ideal for small and mid-size companies that have a small to moderate number of tool changes. Axes slide movements are manual and standard parameters are measured automatically (length, diameter, radius and two angles).

Many medical and aerospace components provide geometric challenges both from a machining and metrology standpoint. Other industries, Automotive/Farming & Constructing and Energy, have equally challenging components that would benefit from the LT-200MY cell.

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