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Renishaw is the world leader in machine tool and CMM metrology, providing high-performance, cost-effective solutions for optimal manufacturing precision and increased productivity. Their innovative solutions include systems for job set-up, tool setting, broken tool detection and inspection on machine tools; new ultra high-speed, high-accuracy measuring systems for CMM inspection; automated systems for machine performance measurement and calibration; and encoder systems for high-accuracy positioning.

Okuma's Partners in Technology program allows Renishaw to assist our mutual customers in creating and utilizing advanced manufacturing processes, in their own manufacturing environment, while achieving the highest level of overall equipment effectiveness—prior to machine runoff. The Okuma OSP control allows the integration of probing into the machining process by using Renishaw's process control, inspection, and calibration software, which are all resident on the control, making it a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Partnership with Okuma, and their hosting of Renishaw's Productivity+ and OMV software packages on the OSP platform, helps Okuma customers to gain the full benefits of on-machine probing technologies available from Renishaw, allowing them to achieve greatly improved productivity.

Renishaw provides products for accurately measuring tools and components on the machine tool. As a member of Partners in Technology, Renishaw can help Okuma customers benefit from the use of probing software on the machine tool control itself, resulting in great improvements in setup times and process capability.