Okuma Support: The Mechanical and Electrical Exchange Program

At Okuma, we understand the catastrophic impact that part failure has on your shop; that’s why we take minimizing your machine downtime very seriously.

To ensure your machines stay up and running, we keep an enormous OEM spare part inventory for machine tools. Within 24 hours, we can ship a replacement mechanical or electrical component to you when part failure occurs. This means your machine is back online quickly and core return can take place.

Okuma also offers a repair and return program, depending on your time sensitivity. You simply send us the failed part, and we’ll get it fixed and sent promptly back to you.

Frequently our service team notices the reason a component fails is due to work performed by a third party. At Okuma, we have professionally trained service specialists to assist you and the OEM components that are required for precision, performance, and longevity of your machine tool.

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At Okuma, we always deliver quality products and can specifically assist you with the following items:

  • ATC cam box
  • B-axis units
  • Trunnion - a/c axis
  • Spindle motors
  • Double column attachment units
  • Drives
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Panels

When purchasing spare parts, it’s important to remember that Okuma provides the necessary OEM parts for your machine that are backed by a 12-month guarantee. Click here to see a list of commonly exchanged and repaired parts.

We also offer axis and spindle drive trade up programs for the following electrical components:

  • MIV axis drives – U100 and E100 controls
  • BLD axis drives – 5000 and 5020 controls
  • BLII-D axis drives – 5020 and 7000 controls
  • MIP spindle drives – U100 controls
  • VAC spindle drives – 5000, 5020 and 7000 controls

Please contact your distributor today to take advantage of these great programs or visit our customer care page for more details.

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