Okuma's 2022 Gift Guide for Machinists

If you’re like us and waited until the last minute to do some important holiday shopping, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Our 2022 gift guide is here to help you generate gift ideas for the machinist in your life. Let us do what we’re best at and help you find the perfect product.

1. The Duel®

We’re always up to any challenge. Though we typically focus on manufacturing and machining challenges, we couldn’t help but try this one ourselves. From the team behind the world’s hottest challenges and the creator of the hottest peppers on earth, The Duel® is a face-off that will melt your face off. Do you have what it takes to win?

2. Master Crapsman

Every machinist needs their toolbox handy on the job. Throw a monkey wrench into bathroom stench with this special toolbox for when they’re going to work on their break.

3. Carhartt® Deluxe Dual Compartment Insulated Cooler Bag

Make mealtime even better! Perfect for an office lunch or on-the-go snacks, the Carhartt® Deluxe Lunch Cooler is optimally sized and insulated to keep food cold and holds up to 6 cans/bottles. We have a feeling our shop fridges will be full of these coolers soon. Lunch not included.

4. Jack Black® Industrial Strength Hand Healer

It’s not hard to imagine the wear-and-tear on a machinist’s hands at the end of a long day. Working with machine tools and parts can do some serious damage over time. Designed for dry, cracked, chapped hands, Jack Black® Industrial Hand Healer’s rich, non-greasy PureScience formula helps diminish tough, calloused skin and heal unsightly cuticles.

5. Mini Toothpick Crossbow

Taking a break from machine tools? We won’t tell. Refine your archery skills with the Mini Toothpick Crossbow and have target practice right there on the shop floor! Small projectiles like Q-tips, matchsticks, and toothpicks can be used to add a little more play to your workday.

6. Computer Engineering for Babies

We may or may not have found the perfect gift for the next generation of machinists this holiday season. With buttons and LED lights, Computer Engineering for Babies explores basic computer logic gates. It’s never too early to start learning, especially with tools like this.

7. Machine Shop Know-How

Want to know how Okuma machine tool experts think? Machine Shop Know-How is packed with practical ideas, offers problem-solving insights, and shares clever tricks of the trade. Perfect for any machinist, industry know-how is only one page away.


Up your desk game with this mesmerizing spinning globe. Creating a 3D optical illusion with a continuous flow, MEZMOGLOBE® can enhance your creativity, keep your focus, and help you let go of workplace stress. Or, if you’re up for a challenge, make your own on your Okuma machine. 😉

9. Gear Ring

A little motion never hurts anyone. With the matte, stainless steel Gear Ring, you can move fashion and manufacturing forward. Featuring micro precision gears, this ring is both hypnotic and therapeutic.

10. Man Crates Knife Making Kit

This one’s for the craftsman in your life. Not all knives are created equal, so the Man Crates Knife Making Kit is the gift that allows its recipient to make one themselves! There are 11 tools and accessories for ultimate customization. Handle with care!

11. Okuma Magnetic Tray

The Okuma Magnetic Tray keeps nuts and bolts, parts, and small tools within reach of your work area, as well as prevents lost or misplaced parts. Mount this tray to any magnetic surface to minimize clutter and maximize proficiency. We’re ordering more for ourselves right now.


If you’re feeling especially generous, the machinist in your life would love to receive the all-new GENOS M560V-5AX. This 5-axis vertical machining center that made its world debut at IMTS 2022 delivers stable machining accuracy and energy efficiency in a small footprint, which means it’s easy to wrap and put under the tree.

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