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If you know, you really know. In a few short months, IMTS 2024 promises its biggest, best show yet. Are you coming for new machines? Breakthrough automation solutions? The community? You won’t have to choose. With thousands of people celebrating manufacturing and embracing innovation, it’s truly a week like no other. We’ll see you in Chicago.

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Okuma Factory Automation at IMTS 2024

Automation is the future of manufacturing. And it doesn’t have to be a distant future. At Okuma, we are dedicated to finding the perfect machine and automation pairing for your shop.

See the following automation solutions at IMTS 2024.

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Okuma SmarTwin Cell

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Okuma Robot Loader

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EROWA Robot Compact 80

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Autonomous Mobile Robotic Cell

Load Go industrial 11frames converted
Osp p500 float imts 2024

Explore the
OSP-P500 Difference

It’s here. If you’re looking for double the performance power and the ability to process high-speed machining functions, collision avoidance, data collection, and multi-axis performance simultaneously, the Okuma OSP-P500 is what you’ve been waiting for. Learn more about what the ultimate CNC control can do for you. Visit us in Chicago at IMTS 2024 and we’ll show you:

  • What greater processing power means for your shop floor
  • The latest in simple, secure operations – all from a user-friendly interface
  • Maximum energy efficiency that doesn’t impact performance
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Local Distribution
for Expert Support

Trusting our distributor network allows access to local expertise and rapid response times for ultimate support. This approach maximizes uptime and keeps your shop cutting chips. Find out more at IMTS 2024.

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Engineering & Technology

We think of, create, and design technologies that most OEMs don’t. It’s just one of the ways we maintain our commitment to providing the best machine tools on the market. From start to finish, each technology enhances every machine’s overall productivity, helps you work smarter, and evolves to meet manufacturing’s ever-changing expectations. 

The New OSP-P500 CNC Control

The next generation of Okuma’s CNC control will make its Americas debut at IMTS 2024. The OSP-P500 provides more processing power and unlimited benefits to your shop floor.


Connectivity & Security

Data is king in today’s environment. See at IMTS 2024 Okuma’s solutions to machine and floor connectivity and also how we keep your data secure.


Smart Green Machining

While at the show, let us show you how to reduce energy during machine operations, monitor and reduce power consumption, and calculate CO2 emissions in real time.


Service & Support

Our service offerings support maximum Okuma machine tool performance and help create an optimal customer experience. No matter what it takes, or when you need assistance, our programs, experts, and certified technicians stop at nothing to help you reach your full manufacturing potential. 


Protecting your investment with Okuma OEM parts will ensure the longevity and accuracy of your machine tool. Visit our service team to find out more at IMTS 2024.


Customer Care

Be sure to stop by and talk to our Okuma experts for a better understanding of how our company and distribution go above and beyond to ensure your shop's maximum uptime and productivity with 24/7 support.



Did you know Okuma can provide refurbished or replacement parts as soon as 24 hours? And that we continue to support every machine tool ever manufactured? To learn more, visit us at IMTS 2024.


Training & Education

We provide educational opportunities to our distributors and customers on a variety of skills, from legacy machines and controls to the newest technology. Talk to one of our training specialists at IMTS 2024 to find the class nearest to you.


IMTS Frequently Asked Questions

Where is IMTS held?

IMTS is a six-day show, Monday through Saturday, scheduled to be held September 9-14, 2024, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The show is managed by the Association for Manufacturing Technology and hosted biannually in even-numbered years.

What is IMTS?

IMTS is an acronym that, since being renamed in 1990, has stood for International Manufacturing Technology Show. From 1927 through 1988, IMTS stood for International Machine Tool Show. It was changed to reflect the influence of additional technologies, such as welding, lubrication, and materials engineering.

What happens at IMTS?

A lot! McCormick Place, with more than 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space, is the largest convention center in North America and is like a city in and of itself. IMTS is the premier industry event that showcases the latest advancements in manufacturing technology. Attendees can see, hear, touch, and experience the industry’s latest advancements, including automated systems that integrate multiple functions and enable precision turning and milling that boosts productivity with existing staff — or even after workers have left for the day. If you’re attending IMTS, stop by booth #338500 and learn about the many ways Okuma automation systems are helping evolve the role of today’s modern machinist.

Who attends IMTS?

IMTS is where industry decision-makers — from engineers and C-suite executives to floor managers and machine shop owners and operators — come together to learn about and experience the latest manufacturing technologies that can elevate their business to the next level. Attendees (more than 86,000 people were at IMTS 2022) view IMTS as an opportunity to network with peers and plan their decision-making process of where they want to take their business in the coming years. They meet and talk to industry builders, creators, and sellers who can provide the extra little details you can’t always observe with a website or brochure.

What should I know about Chicago before going to IMTS?

Chicago is the fourth-most populated North American city, behind Los Angeles and just ahead of Toronto. Chicago earned its nickname — The Windy City — not because of its proximity to Lake Michigan but from an 1893 reference by a newspaper reporter who pronounced the city’s politicians were full of hot air. Five years later, in 1898, the Okuma Noodle Machine Co. began manufacturing noodle-making machines that would later serve as the foundation for the development of its industry-leading CNC machines, proving in both instances that something of lasting value will always stand the test of time.

Are there any classic landmarks I should visit in Chicago while at IMTS?

The Magnificent Mile is a bustling commercial district downtown that includes the Chicago Water Tower — a machining marvel. You can visit the iconic Cloud Gate public sculpture, aka The Bean, in Millennium Park, or the nearby Art Institute of Chicago — home to some of the world’s most recognizable artwork. And if you appreciate artistry, you’ll also recognize the fine craftsmanship of hand scraping, which is an exclusive, meticulous practice that goes into each mating surface on every Okuma CNC machine.

Has IMTS always been held in Chicago?

The first IMTS was in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1927 — nine years after Okuma started manufacturing the industry-leading lathes today’s shop owners and machinists know and trust. The show resumed and moved to Chicago following World War II; IMTS was suspended in 2020 because of the pandemic and returned in 2022.

What are some fun things to do in Chicago around IMTS?

The Chicago Bears host the Tennessee Titans in early NFL action on Sunday, September 8 at Soldier Field. The Chicago Cubs host a home MLB game at Wrigley Field on September 8, and the Chicago White Sox host home games September 9-15 (except the 12th).

Is there a show for colleagues in other parts of the world?

While IMTS is truly an international forum and draws attendees from more than 115 countries, the Association for Manufacturing Technology coordinates efforts with its European counterpart, the European Machine Tool Industry Association (CECIMO), and that organization’s biannual manufacturing industry trade show, EMO, is hosted in Europe during odd-numbered years.

We're Excited to See You Soon

IMTS has proven to be a hub of innovation and collaboration, fostering invaluable connections and showcasing cutting-edge advancements. Each show leaves us inspired by the knowledge exchanged and the opportunities shared. With great anticipation, we await IMTS 2024 and the opportunity to shape the future of our industry together.

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